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The Imperial Empress predicated that she would be highly embarrassed from being placed on the the spot. This achieved her purpose.

But she did not expect this little girl would be stronger than she imagined; and by a hundred times!

Looks sweet and pleasant, needless to say. Even her gestures, elegant temperament, were much more graceful and better than any princess!

If one did not know this girl’s history, one would not think she was a piece of waste!

The Imperial Empress stared at Huang Yueli for a moment before laughing: “Indeed the daughter of Bai Liufeng. A true beauty! So what are you going to perform?

Huang Yueli gently glanced at the audience, her eyes finally landing on Bai Ruoqi’s body, and her face lit up as an inspiration sparked in her head.

She smiled and said: “Ah …Imperial Empress, this is Li’er’s first time to participate in this talent show. So I do not know which to choose… I’ve thought of choosing the qin, but I did not come with one, from your opinion….”

The Imperial Empress smiled and said: “What difficulties are these? The Palace is filled with all kinds of musical instruments and more. Someone come and find a qin for Third Young Miss Bai!”

Taking advantage the palace maid’s search for the guqin, Bai Ruoqi lowered her voice and said to Huang Yueli: “Third sister, I kinda admire you. Can you really play the qin? My sister I do not need to remind that if you cannot play well, it would be better off if you don’t play at all.”

“Oh, I would like to thank second sister for her concern. But sister, I still studied qin for a few days days and can manage a few songs. It should be enough to improvise for this event!”

Huang Yueli gently smiled and replied in a mild tone.

Under all these eyes and ears, both showed very decent outlooks. It made appear as if the dispute in the Peach Blossom Orchard earlier did not exist.

Bai Ruoqi lifted her cup and sneered secretly.

This damn girl didn’t have mental problems? Wanting to participate in this showcase this bad? To the point of selecting the qin?

Her third sister only fiddled it with for fun, but she was still not clear in her own skill? From young, she had never learned the art!

Moreover, all the people in the capital knew that that the best qin player was her, Bai Ruoqi!

She had studied guqin for half a year with the famous Fairy Ruan Hong. Although she did not obtain too much, she was incomparable in South Yue.

In order not make a fool of themselves, as long as Bai Ruoqi’s attended, not a lady dared to choose the qin!

This waste dared to play qin infront of her?

Was this not a blatant provocation for a beating?

The more she considered, the happier Bai Ruoqi felt.

It seems this girl was digging her grave! She did not expect to regain the city so quickly!

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The audience also burst into an uproar.

“It can’t be, if she really intends to play the qin? Is she not afraid of shaming herself before the Emperor?”

“That’s hard to say. Maybe she specially practiced and prepared to present it at the Peach Blossom Banquet!”

“What a joke? Even if she can perform a decent piece of music, but she is followed by Bai Ruoqi! By that time will certainly be Bai Ruoqi’s spotlight no matter how well she plays, it will all be for naught!”

Even the Crown Prince laughed. Turning to Prince Yu, he said: “Third Young Miss Bai has really embarrassed herself this time. Does she not know Qi’er is very good at playing the qin? Should this Prince remind her? In truth, she is not as stubborn or stupid as the rumors say she is. She’s actually quite a sensible girl.”

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Chapter 234