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However, Huang Yueli completely misunderstood him.

Seeing Li Moying’s gaze falling on Bai Ruoqi’s body, anger clouded her mind. A fire nearly lit up.

Li Moying actually looked at Bai Ruoqi!

Many times today, every time she looked at him, he was always looking at Bai Ruoqi!

What so good to look at? That he needed to look at her non-stop?

To think that she though Li Moying was different from the rest, not looking at superficial appearances. She did not expect he actually liked this kind of brazen woman!

Too angry!

Huang Yueli’s good mood suddenly gone. Facing the table of delicacies, she no longer had any appetite.

Putting down the chopsticks, she held her chin, pink lips muttering away.

As Li Moying looked at her cute actions, his heart beat a little faster.

This is not a misconception of his. When he met her today, the little fox really looked much more beautiful than before. Even her bodily aura seemed different from before…..

Sensing it with his soul, Li Moying continued to stare at her.

Qi Profound Realm ninth level? ?

The little fox was at the Qi Profound Realm ninth level? ?

When did this happen? At their time of separation, the little fox was still a normal person who could not cultivate! What happened during their separation?

At this moment, the Huang Yueli looked up to him. Unable to dodge her gaze, he met Huang Yueli’s eyes.

Slightly startled, he felt the little fox’s gaze was a bit…..fierce?

Was it because he has been peeping on her and was found. As a result it made her unhappy?

As the two people locked eyes from far away, complex emotions swirled in their eyes……..

After three rounds, the seated Emperor gently coughed. Instantly, the Palace of Peace and Tranquility settled down.

The emperor smiled: “Royal Mother, this Peach Blossom Banquet was originally organised by you, but Zhen ended up bringing an entire group of people with invitations. I hope you are not offended by this.”

As the Empress Dowager’s complexion was still a little bad, she had only just caught her breathe. Not completely recovered.

She glanced at Bai Ruoqi and really wished to say just what happened immediately.

However, this well-prepared election feast, she must hold on to this thought.

Looking at the joyous spirits of the Emperor, the Empress Dowager put aside those words and coldly replied: “It’s fine. Ai Jia is just feeling a bit uncomfortable today. I will handle over the banquet’s hosting to the Imperial Empress today!”

It was not too late to say such matters when the time arose for the selection of the Imperial Consort.

In any case, she absolutely would not allowed Bai Ruoqi that insidious girl to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort!

At a blank, the Imperial Empress quickly said: “Royal Mother, where do you feel discomfort. Or do you need to return to rest? Do you need a doctor to examine you? Handing the task over this Consort, please feel assured over this!”

Empress Dowager shook her head, looking cold.

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“Ai Ji wants to stay here to watch, today……Ai Jia has seen too many doctors for today!”

When the Imperial Empress heard, she did not understand.

However, she was very happy to be able to replace the Empress Dowager and become the host of this banquet.

Because as her mother, she still wanted to find a powerful Imperial Consort for the Crown Prince. But the Emperor and the Empress Dowager seemed more inclined to the Bai Ruoli that waste. She was really afraid of their words would delay the future of her son!

So now, this was a good thing. She will first make Bai Ruoli embarrass herself at the banquet, so that even the Emperor will be disgusted at that little girl. This will dispel his idea of ​​making her the Imperial Consort.

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Chapter 232