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Qi Tang’er’s popularity has always been quite good. Hearing her speak, the various ladies seated behind and infront gathered at her side.

“Elder Sister Qi, you often go enter the Palace, you must know these Highnesses? We have not seen the world, thus do not know the situations regarding these Princes. So could educate us on the overall situation?”

“That’s right ah, Second Young Miss Qi, do share.”

Quite apparently, Qi Tang’er enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded and fawned upon. First, she looked at the seated Princes and found their distance to be very large. Whatever she said would not be heard by them, triumphantly she began her tales.

“Crown Prince Li Mojun, needless to say, we all know he is number one genius of South Yue. Moreover, he a student of Heavenly Star College, a well-known genius! Plus with his noble identity of Crown Prince and handsome looks, it remains unknown which lucky girl will become his Imperial Consort?”

“Yes ah, the Crown Prince is really amazing!”

“If one could marry His Royal Highness, even as a minor concubine, would also a great honor ah!”

When Bai Ruoqi heard these words, she raised her chin slightly feeling proud inside.

She still felt that she would certainly become the Imperial Consort. So when she heard admiration of these young girls, she felt she had gaine great face.

The Crown Prince was such a dragon amongst men, only she Bai Ruoqi can match him!

Currently people were not too optimistic about her chances, but when the Imperial Consort selection results come out, looked how shocked these people will become. Full of envy ah! Just thinking of this, makes one chuckle secretly!

Stealing a glance at her, Huang Yueli became all the more sure that Bai Ruoqi still held a hidden blade!

After a whispering of praises, Qi Tang’er continued to speak.

“At the Crown Prince’s side, Prince Yu, Li Moying, did you not just see him in the Peach Blossom Orchid? Prince Yu’s grace is definitely at the top, if not for insider news, just based on his looks alone, even the Crown Prince would be defeated by him! Alas, you can say that Prince Yu’s life is quite bad!”

“Turns out the taboo name of Prince Yu is Li Moying ah. This name is very fitting!”

“His Royal Highness Prince Yu looks really good……..”

Several girls were fascinated by Prince Yu’s face, sighing with regret.

“So what, are you willing to marry a waste?” Qi Tang’er asked.

After listening to this, the girls immediately fell silent again.

“That is also…”

“Forget it, I even if I become a minor concubine of His Highness the Crown Prince, this would still be much better than marrying Prince Yu!”

Mouth hooking slightly, Huang Yueli revealed a gloating smile.

Do not think that Prince Yu Wang would receive such evaluation. What kind of will he show after hearing this?

However, up until now she did not know that the man’s name was Li Moying……..

The first thought she thought of when she heard his name was: he also had the word ‘shadow’ (ying)! What a coincidence!

But soon, Huang Yueli shook her head with vigor.

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What was she thinking? Why did she constantly confuse Prince Yu with Mu Chengying? Was it because the two people have similar eyes? She really should be more clear headed!

Prince Yu is not Mu Chengying’s substitute ah!

At this moment, a trace of sneer hung on Bai Ruoqi’s mouth.

“Third sister, I finally know why the Emperor called you to the Palace today! Turns out there is a waste Prince in this Palace as well ah? Gee, it matches you perfectly! Waste…..should marry waste!”

Surprised for a moment, Huang Yueli then smiled and said: “Are you saying that, you, second sister despises His Royal Highness Prince Yu?”

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Chapter 228