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However, most people soon realized that His Royal Highness Prince Yu was a wastrel of a Prince; not a suitable partner. So they quickly forced their gazes back to the Crown Prince.

What if the Crown Prince noticed them! They could not let the Crown Prince think they had two hearts; a superficial woman who is attracted to appearance!

Only Huang Yueli did not give the Crown Prince a single glance. From beginning to end, she gazed only at His Royal Highness Prince Yu.

She only caught a glimpse of him in the morning and did not see properly. Upon closer inspection now, she discovered he was a lot thinner. His expression more frigid, while a trace of gauntness could be seen in his handsome face.

For a master of this level, Prince Yu is very sensitive to the attention of others.

Huang Yueli’s gaze on him, how could he not be aware.

However, he did not spare her a moment’s glance. He went straight to his seat, sitting down blankly.

The Crown Prince turned his head, seemingly speaking a few words to him.

Prince Yu Wang nodded his head in response. Lazily, he glanced at the girls under the platform, staying no more than a second on Huang Yueli. Instead, he looked at Bai Ruoqi a few times, revealing a thoughtful look.

Huang Yueli unexpectedly felt a little uncomfortable at this.

What the hell?

Although……although the two had separated on bad notes that night, arguing into slightly disagreeable terms——okay then. It was very disagreeable——

But….but he does not need to do that either. Not even giving her a glance, as if they were complete strangers!

Just that day before, he undoubtedly vowed he would use his utmost means to pursue her!

Every single time he saw her, those obvious fiery eyes almost seemed to burn her. So much she could not help but want to escape.

So how did they, in a blink of an eye become so cold?

When Prince Yu looked at her with his eyes, there was no difference from his gaze to others…

Of course, he did nothing wrong. After all, he was the rejected party, a stalker is not a gentleman. Pulling away to create distance is the appropriate move.


Huang Yueli bit her lip. Not realizing that her facial expression had become extremely ugly.

The just plotted against Third Young Miss Bai who kept had kept her cool, was now trembling from anger. Her trembling hands nearly knocked over the tea cup on the table.

As she looked at Bai Ruoqi, she quickly gave herself an excuse to explain everything.

Well, yes, even if Prince Yu had given up her, he still couldn’t stare at Bai Ruoqi ah? Was there something wrong with this man’s eyes? How could he like such an insidious woman like Bai Ruoqi ah?

As a……en, as a friend of His Royal Highness Prince Yu——could they be counted as friends——of course she cannot allow Prince Yu to be bewitched by women like Bai Ruoqi.

As Huang Yueli thought about this, her lips formed a straight line.

If Prince Yu is truly interested in Bai Ruoqi, she will use all methods to stop him!

There were a total of six attending Princes. From the Crown Prince down, none of them had selected their Imperial Consorts yet.

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As the several Princes took their seats, the young ladies also returned to their seats.

“I did not expect that six Royal Highness would personally attend today….it seems that today’s banquet will be very lively!”

This voice was a bit familiar to the ears.

Huang Yueli turned around and it was Second Young Miss Qi Tang’er from General Zhennan’s Manor. The little trumpet who is famed throughout the capital for loving nothing more than to spread and discuss gossip.

And because General Zhennan is a firm powerhouse of South Yue, Qi Tang’er’s seat was also at the very front. She sat right behind Bai Ruoqi and Liu Yiyi, coming in fourth.

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Chapter 227