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In the martial world of Soaring Heavens Continent, ​​only strength was the way in all Four Great Hidden Sacred Grounds!

In front of absolute strength, any other opinions were nothing more than fleeting clouds.

When she recalled the past few days of gruelling cultivation, bathing in painful experiences, Bai Ruoqi’s eyes flashed with a ‘must win’ light.

Her strength was not the same as before. It had reach a new level.

The position of Imperial Consort, it would be hers!

As Huang Yueli watched Bai Ruoqi’s receding back view. A touch of smile floating on her mouth.

Her second sister is quite simple. She wondered what new tricks she has up her sleeves; able to give her such overwhelming confidence to win over all the other golden spooned born young ladies?

It seems like this game is far from over…..

In the Palace of Peace and Tranquility, it was already fully decorated and furnished. To welcome the various guests, it was adorned with numerous peach ornamentals. At each table set, there stood a vase full of beautiful peach blossoms.

By the time Huang Yueli entered the Palace of Peace and Tranquility, except for her and Bai Ruoqi, all the other young ladies had arrived and were seated in accordance; with the aid of the palace ladies.

“Third Young Miss Bai, please come with me.”

Huang Yueli discovered that her seat was at the very front. It was above both the nationally recognized first talents Bai Ruoqi and Liu Yiyi.

This should be on behalf of her cheap father’s face.

As she took her seat and before her bottom could even warm it, she already felt the jealous gazes projected from all around. Vaguely, she heard some whisperings.

Huang Yueli knew that her actions today were quite eye catching. From revealing her face to the Empress Dowager and now sit in the first seat of the crowd.

From what she heard, this seating plan was made in accordance of the greatest possibility to become the Imperial Consort.

Since the Emperor put her in the first place, it indicated that he was as the rumors said. He still remembered the promise he made with Bai Liu Feng!

With greatly difficulty, Bai Ruoqi was knocked down. But the result? They discovered that the bigger threat was the inconspicuous and unsuspecting Third Young Miss Bai!

It would be strange if these young ladies did not feel depressed!

Under the various gazes, Huang Yueli stayed indifferent. Slowly she picked up a cup of tea. Drinking the tea, she watched the surrounding situation.

She had been become accustomed to the longing and looks of jealousy from her past life.

Before long, Bai Ruoqi also arrived.

She had just come back from Empress Shu’s place. Her blood-stained clothes were replaced with a fresh flowery pink dress. Paired with a think silk brocade and sophisticated embroidery, she looked rosy.

Moreover, due to eating advanced pills, her face had also returned to normal.

Raising her chin slightly, she looked cold and proud. Gracefully she walked through the Palace as arrogant and proud as before.

If they had not witnessed the past events, no one would believe that she was kneeling desperately and kowtowing to the Empress Dowager half an hour ago!

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As Bai Ruoqi walked closer, she discovered that Huang Yue Li was actually in the first position.

Her face has changed, she stared fiercely at Huang Yueli.

“Third sister, are you in the wrong place?”

“How could it be?” Huang Yueli blinked innocently.

“You rarely enter the Palace, so you do not know the rules in the Palace. Seating position are arranged. Not only would it be shameful when you sit in the wrong position, it may also provoke the dragon’s wrath. Do not blame elder sister for not warning you in advance! ”

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Chapter 225