Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 223

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The Empress Dowager’s face sank.

To be honest, she wanted to investigate the root of this matter clearly today. And to also take this opportunity to teach Bai Ruoqi a lesson.

However, the Peach Blossom Banquet is top priority. The Emperor and Imperial Empress were waiting for them in the Palace of Peace and Tranquility. She must take into consideration, the overall goal.

And like Bai Ruoqi said, there is no evidence.

The things Imperial Physician Liu said, where all things from long ago. So if they wished to find material evidence, it would take more than a day or two.

While the Emperor’s side could not wait.

Weighing the trade-offs, the Empress Dowager let out a sigh.

“For such a disgraceful thing to occur today, it has wasted so much time! Enough, first escort Imperial Physician Liu to prison.Tell the Department of Justice to interrogate him strictly!”

Saying this, she swept her cold gaze over Bai Ruoqi: “Today’s affairs are not over yet. Ai Jia believes that the Ministry of Justice will be able deliver an answer to this case. When that time comes, the criminal will be crystal clear! Who framed their own sister, Ai Jia will definitely not spare her!”

Finished, the Empress Dowager stood up and did not give a second glance to Bai Ruoqi. Bringing with her Empress Shu and a group of palace eunuchs and maids. Grandly, she walked to the Palace of Peace and Tranquility.

Awakened by the conclusion, the various young ladies remembered their purpose today.

Seeing such a fantastic shows, all the ups and downs of a drama, many people forgot the purpose of their gathering; to participate in the selection of the various Imperial Consorts and concubines.

Quickly grooming themselves, they were led by the numerous Palace ladies to catch up with the Empress Dowager.

By fluke, Bai Ruoqi escaped. Her face pale, she only felt her back clothes completely soaked with cold sweat.

With the laughter of the various groups of young ladies, they continued to talk about scandal with great vigor. Their sounds were not controlled, as you could hear their discussions from far away.

“I did not expect Bai Ruoqi to be such a person and to be exposed the Empress Dowager! Today’s Peach Blossom Banquet, it shouldn’t be related to her anymore, right?”

“That is sure. How can the Empress Dowager make His Royal Highness marry this kind of woman, becoming his Imperial Concubine?”

“Bai Ruoqi has always considered the position of the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine to be hers! Did not expect she would be the first to be eliminated!”

“In other words, one must behave with integrity. When the marriage is not set, one cannot be so arrogant. She’s disgraced now right?”

Fuming mad with rage, Bai Ruoqi could only follow and hide at the very back.

Usually, she was the most favoured for the limelight; walking at the very front. But now, she with her reputation, she could only only avoid the crowd. Or the peculiar gazes from around would make her die from shame!

It wasn’t until most people have already left, did Bai Ruoqi bite her teeth to catch up.

Although such a thing out happened, the Consort had yet to be selected. She will not give up!

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Although it is obvious the Empress Dowager will strongly oppose her becoming the Imperial Consort at Peach Blossom Banquet, but…..she still has cards to play!

A few days prior, she took a bottle of Spirit Cleansing Pills. After a night of bitter cultivation, she successfully broke through two levels in a row. She is now at the Qi Profound ninth level!

Think of her opportunity to show off her strength at the Peach Blossom Banquet she imagined the surprised and speechless look of the Empress Dowager. Thinking of this, Bai Ruoqi sneered in her heart.

So what if her name is bad? Almost punished?

In the Soaring Heavens Continent, to gain respect, power……was absolute!

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Chapter 223