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Stunned to see Huang Yueli act this away, Bai Ruoqi fell to a loss and did not know how to react.

She really did not think Huang Yueli would resort to such a trick!

It wasn’t until Imperial Physician Hu finished Huang Yueli’s examination, did she finally react and realised that she was in big trouble again!

This was not the first day of knowing that damn girl, would she really faint? It was nothing more than a deliberate attempt to frame her!

That little slut turned out to be so clever and such a talented actor. To come up with such a move, really left a hundred mouths speechless!

Bai Ruoqi trembled all over. When she heard the Empress Dowager’s questions, she bit down on her teeth and used all her energy to kowtow.

“Your Royal Highness, Qi’er is really innocent. Bai Ruoli she…she is faking it. She really isn’t…”

“Isn’t what?” Empress Dowager said with a severe tone: “Bai Ruoqi, Ai Jia really liked you before. I did not expect you would be such a sinister girl! Imperial Physician Hu has already diagnosed her with internal injuries. You better honestly confess yourself, was it not you who wounded her?”

“No….no, not me! How could it be me! I did not beat her at all!”

With a green and white complexion, Bai Ruoqi honestly did not know where Huang Yueli’s internal wounds came from.

Furthermore, the last time she went to cause trouble, not only did she fail to hurt Huang Yueli, but was turned into a pig. She really was not Huang Yueli’s opponent!

However, these words could not sound any faker in the ears of others.

Bai Ruoqi was a cultivator at the seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm, whereas Huang Yueli was a wastrel. Bai Ruoqi was unable to defeat her third sister?

Because she could not find an excuse, she began to shamefully deny everything right?

The Empress Dowager’s face became even more ugly, “I did not expect not a single truth to come from your mouth! Ai Jia is much too disappointed in you!”

Feeling her heart turn cold, Bai Ruoqi’s clothes were soaked in cold sweat.

She kowtowed and desperately tried to argue: “Your Highness, you must believe Qi’er! It is Bai Ruoli who framed me. She fancies the position of Imperial Consort, so she colluded with Imperial Physician Liu! Her fainting is also planned. You can not believe her!”

Empress Shu also aided hurriedly: “Yes ah, Empress Dowager, things have yet to be figured out. So how can we determine the cause of Bai Ruo Li’s fainting is due to Qi’er? We must gather all evidence, before determining Qi’er’s sin. Allow Li’er to gather and present evidence. Or it will be empty mouth protests. How does that sound?”

As Imperial Physician Liu listened to this reversal of black and white, he became anxious beyond belief.

“Empress Dowager, this humble servant ensures everything he has said is nothing but the truth! This humble one the witness ah!”

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“If you say you are a witness, you are a witness? You are basically in cahoots with my third sister! If you have the ability, why don’t you take out some material evidence?” Bai Ruoqi retorted.

Imperial Physician Liu was temporarily speechless, “This…..material evidence…….?”

“Yes, ah. You claimed that I started framing my third sister several years ago and I have also requested you to do many immoral things. What proofs do you have? Without a shred of evidence, you dare say that you didn’t purposely plot against me?”

Looking at his dull expression, Bai Ruoqi suddenly found some little confidence.

Her meeting with Imperial Physician Liu, were secretly planned. Every time they were very careful, no witnesses or traces behind. It can be assumed…..that there would be no testimonials available to back up Imperial Physician Liu’s claims.

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Chapter 220