Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 22

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Eyes wides, Cai Wei hesitantly said: “Third Young Miss….this….this isn’t too good right? That day, Fourth Young Miss must have definitely met with some mishap, resulting in her actions. If this fuss blows up in the capital, then how shameful it will be…”

Huang Yue Li sneered: “I precisely want her to be humiliated!”

“But, Third Young Miss, if Fourth Young Miss’ chastity really were to be questioned. Then with your identity as a Young Miss in the Manor will also be affected…..”

“Wasn’t I already framed by others, saying I secret meetings with a man, already losing the family’s face? What reputation am I afraid of ruining?”

Huang Yue Li became a bit impatient and she continued: “Enough, looking from all angles, you do not seem like my maid at all! Go do as I say!”

Seeing that she was angered, Cai Wei went to do her bidding.

Frowning her brows, Huang Yue Li guessed that her maid had been influenced by the previous Lord too much. Her courage was even smaller than a watermelon bug. How could this acceptable? She must find a suitable time to train up her courage!

When Cai Wei left, she locked the doors to the study. She also set a simple trap to avoid others from entering.

The small fluffy phoenix ball then flew out of her sleeves. Once it landed, it transformed into an arrogant faced child.

Within its large, round, watery purple eyes were clear expressions of despise.

“Good! Female demon, you are too treacherous. Without shame! Just earlier this morning you received that stinking and strange aunty’s silvers and now you rush to publicize her affairs! Do you still possess a human’s conscience?”

Huang Yue Li did not possess the slightest bit of guilt.

“So what if I took her silvers? That IOU was something she wrote herself. It is heaven’s law to repay your debts. If she doesn’t want me to spread it, did she pay any hush money?”

The small phoenix replied: “Then her IOU…didn’t you trick her into signing that? You already received a sum of money, yet you still want to receive hush money?”

Huang Yue Li icily replied: “Little brat, I’ll warn you not to talk recklessly. What trickery? It was that girl who took the initiative to come here first to destroy my property. All I received was the appropriate psychological compensation. As for the matter of the hush money, that is a completely different matter altogether. Who told her to run around naked? An eye for an eye, each and every debt must be calculated clearly. I did not indiscriminately go asking for money!”

The small phoenix was thoroughly stunned by her shameful calculations.

This female demon was not only black on the outside, even her intestines were black!

One truly would feel pity for the Fourth Young Miss in offending this female demon. Even if she didn’t die, she would at least shed a layer of skin!

Just as he was blankly thinking, Huang Yue Li suddenly picked him up.

Just as he wanted to struggle, he was swiftly released in an opening of the furnace.

Her eyes curved in smiles, Huang Yue Li asked in an extremely gentle and warm tone: “Little brother, help big sister with something okay?”

“You…what do you want to do?”

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Very cautiously, he withdrew his body backwards.

Just a moment ago, her face was filled with sinister calculations and in a blink of an eye, she was full of sweet smiles. The small phoenix didn’t feel moved, on the contrary he could feel beads of cold sweat appearing.

“It’s very easy, just a little, little, little thing. You know that in order to refine armaments, the power and quality of the flame is very important. As a powerful and grand ancient mythological phoenix, your innate flame must also be equally formidable right? If you just breathe a small breath of fire, en, open your mouth to help, you will be assisting this big sister by a lot. Isn’t it easy?”

He furiously shook his head.

“No can do! No can do! The Phoenix’s true flame is something formed from our origins. I am still young, if I were to recklessly spit out flames, then it could drastically affect my future growth and development!”

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Chapter 22