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The events that occurred in the courtyard were not explicitly said out, but of those present, not one did not understand the hidden meaning of those words. That is to say, Huang Yueli’s fainting was caused from Bai Ruoqi’s shameless remarks!

The Empress Dowager was naturally biased towards Huang Yueli, mainly due to her absence for the past ten years. And the chances of her colluding with Imperial Physician Liu really weren’t that high.

However, with Bai Ruoqi’s half-true and half-false tearful lamentations, the Empress Dowager became a little puzzled.

Of the two girls, one must be the mastermind; though the likelihood of Bai Ruoqi was much larger. But why would she take such a big risk to frame her younger sister in the Palace? Just how much hatred and resentment was there?

Bai Ruoqi often accompanied the Empress Dowager in the Palace, so she was reluctant to believe that a girl she quite liked would turn out to be such an insidious and sinister viper-like woman.

However, it was during the moment of wavering, Huang Yueli suddenly fainted!

Taking a step back to advance; really more persuasive than what words could accomplish ah!

If Huang Yueli and Bai Ruoqi were to exchange tit for tat, it would solidify the reality of a grudge between the two sisters. If both parties could not tolerate each other, then naturally there would hidden reason why.

No matter how reasonable Huang Yueli was, no matter how eloquent, it will inevitably reduce themselves to a bunch of shrews. This would also make it much more difficult to convince the Empress Dowager.

But the tables had completely turned with her loss of consciousness!

To outsiders, unable to accept that her beloved and respected elder sister would be so wicked to her, she fainted in a fit of shock!

As a result, Bai Ruoqi became the wicked one.

Even if both sides held no evidence, with the current situation, coupled with Imperial Physician Liu’s allegations, Bai Ruoqi’s image had truly become ‘a vicious and cousin bullying elder sister’!

The Empress Dowager looked at Huang Yueli’s pale face and felt endlessly distressed.

“This child, too pitiful. Entering the Palace for the first time in more than a decade, but to have met with so many things! Obviously kind hearted, but was misunderstood by her cousin…..Imperial Physician Hu, prescribe her some medicine alright?”

Imperial Physician Hu responded: “The Empress Dowager, Third Young Miss Bai’s body is not good. Her qi and blood is poor, seemingly to have suffered a very serious internal injury. When this is coupled with long-term malnutrition, it would naturally lead to such a situation.”

Hearing this, the Empress Dowager turned even more angry.

Was this not evidence to support Imperial Physician Liu’s claims?

If it weren’t for Valiant Martial Manor’s bullying of the Li girl, how could she, a dignified Manor daughter, be injured and suffer malnutrition?

“This is too much! Hu Yuanshi, give the Li girl a few pills and nurse her back to health. Lacking any rare herbs, you may go directly to the Royal Treasury to retrieve it! Bai Liufeng has saved this Queen’s life several times. And what is the result? Not even knowing his daughter is being bullied!”

Hurriedly, Imperial Physician Hu wrote down the prescription and went to retrieve the necessary ingredients.

For this part, the Empress Dowager wrongly accused Bai Ruoqi.

Malnutrition is indeed a reason, but Bai Ruoli had been constantly poisoned from young, so her body really was not that good.

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But those obvious internal injuries, in fact were from Huang Yueli’s forced attempt to breakthrough to the Defensive Profound Realm that day. But due to her failed attempt, the striking to the breakthrough damaged her dantian.

On this matter, not a dime was related with Bai Ruoqi.

Poor Bai Ruoqi, forced to carry another black pot, but could not get rid of it.

Empress Dowager consoled Huang Yueli and turned her gaze to Bai Ruoqi.

“Your sister has fainted from anger. What else can you say?”

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Chapter 219