Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 215

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He was just too angry. He had done so much for the Madam of Valiant Martial Manor and Bai Ruo Qi, but the result? Bai Ruo Qi instantly betrayed as soon as difficulties arose!

Empress Shu as well. Ordering for him to receive beatings without any proof!

Well, since he didn’t have much left for him, then he might as well go for broke and expose everything!

“The banquet ten years ago……..”

“Five years ago that in that Manor…..”


One affair after the other, one piece after the other, Imperial Physician Liu revealed everything down to the tiniest details!

When these words were spoken, it shocked everyone present!

Even with the Empress Dowager’s command of silence, they could not help themselves but speak out.

“God, these are not real are they?”

“You really can’t see. Bai Ruo Qi turned out to be such a sinister woman! But at the end, why did she go plot against her own cousin?”

“How can you not understand this? Is it not because of jealously? Bai Ruo Li is the daughter of Bai Liu Feng ah, born a much higher status than her. Though they are both from Valiant Martial Manor, when you compare the two, the difference is like east and west! ”

“In other words, the reason behind Bai Ruo Li’s inability to cultivate, is because of her? Otherwise with the innate talents of her parents, she shouldn’t be a wastrel?”

For this point, everyone had wronged Bai Ruo Qi. Bai Ruo Li’s inability to cultivated mainly originated from her constitution.

However, with things reaching this point, no one will think that Bai Ruo Qi is unrelated to this matter! No matter how she proved her innocence, rumors would have spread through the capital by tomorrow!

As Bai Ruo Qi listened to her various misdeeds being exposed, she became extremely panicked. It was with great difficulty that she barely control her emotions. It wasn’t until the earlier accusation that she finally burst out.

“What nonsense are you talking? This is pure slander, slander! I have not done that! Do not believe that words of that quack!”

“Che! Whether or not it is true, he is still an Imperial Physician. Why would he know so many affairs of Valiant Martial Manor?”

“That right, that right. There are hidden schemes involved!”

As Bai Ruo Qi angrily debated, it did zero effect in proving her claims. In fact, it solidified the her guilty conscience to the crowd!

Huang Yue Li smiled ambiguously, but she kept that smile hidden. For the audience, she collapsed in her seat and began to mutter incoherently.

“Impossible, this is impossible! Whatever you say, I will not believe it!”

Kneeling on the ground, Imperial Physician Liu loudly said: “Empress Dowager, this official swears that he speaks the truth! All this is was caused by Bai Ruo Qi herself, you cannot allow yourself to be cheated by her!”

The Empress Dowager was shaking all over.

With a loud ‘crash’, the cup and dishes were swept to the ground. Smashing to pieces!

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“Well, so this is how Valiant Martial Manor treats Bai Liu Feng’s daughter! Did you forget how your title was obtained? If such a thing did not happen, who knows how long Ai Jia would be left in the dark! So the Li girl had been bullied so much in her own home!”

If Huang Yue Li were to lament over her experiences today, the Empress Dowager may doubt the latter, but completely trust her words.

But now, such words originated from a third party; the credibility turned much higher.

Huang Yue Li really did not expect there to be such an unexpected gain.

She merely wished for a dogfight between Bai Ruo Qi and Imperial Physician Liu. But who would expect Imperial Physician’s Liu bite to be this good; knowing such large amount of insider informations!

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Chapter 215