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That year, this little girl’s talent test was conducted in the palace; a well-known truth. That was not some baseless rumor, as the Empress Dowager herself witnessed this event!

Feeling sorry over this matter, the Empress Dowager could not help herself but feel a burst of surprise when she heard Huang Yue Li’s words of being able to practise again. Questioning her, she wished to know the answer.

Huang Yue Li merely smiled. Just as she was about to answer, her eyes travelled to a remote corner of the Peach Blossom Orchard. This caused her to stand up immediately.

“Wait! Do not leave like this!”

Surprised, the Empress Dowager asked: “What’s wrong?”

Huang Yue Li looked in that direction and shouted: “Empress Dowager, please do not take Imperial Physician Liu away! Li’er just heard him say there is a mastermind behind this whole affair! Let him explain himself clearly, or else the culprit may escape! ”

The Empress Dowager turned to see Imperial Physician Liu being dragged away.

She frowned: “How? There is a hidden story?”

Huang Yue Li nodded her head and said: “Your Highness, please consider this ah. Imperial Physician Liu is just an Imperial Physician, so why would he deliberately say that my Second Sister had a joyous pulse? Framing my sister, where is the benefit for him? Clearly someone instigated this from behind the scenes! If this person is not captured today, then my Second Sister would have suffered for nothing!”

Thinking for a while, the Empress Dowager thought this made sense.

“You’re right, this……I’m afraid really is not that simple….”

Taking the chance when the two were discussing this, Empress Shu secretly indicated for the guards to quickly tow the prisoner away.

Who knew, she was still a step too late.

“Your Highness, this is not simple! However, for such an ill hearted person to destroyed your Peach Blossom Banquet, it is the negligence of this concubine! Therefore, please allow for the Ministry of Justice to investigate this affair! While my senior, you should rest your heart and enjoy the blossoms with your full attention!”

Empress Shu was barely smiling, as she tried to convince the Empress Dowager.

Huang Yue Li wrinkled her brows and frowned, “Empress Shu, although you have good intentions, but this thing must be made clear now! My sister suffered so many condemnations, yet you intend to write it off as a misdiagnosis? Are you even putting Wu Wei Manor in your eyes? I cannot allow for my elder sister to suffer such injustices!”

She spoke with grandeur, in a righteous and awe-inspiring manner.

Even the Empress Dowager had been touched.

“Good! You are a good child, treating your sister really well. This makes Ai Jia feel happy….”

“Second Sister is my relative…….”

“Oh, good child, good child…….”

The Empress Dowager was full of praises for Huang Yue Li.

Empress Shu and Bai Ruo Qi almost vomited blood.

Which little slut was treating her elder sister well? Should it be that she could not wait to kill her own sister?

They did not expect her cheap act to sell so well. Obviously she was the most insidious one, even the Empress Dowager Queen Mother was cheated on their very first meeting!

Experiencing great difficulties, the two people felt nauseous. Like they had just swallowed flies.

Her Highness waved her hand, “Quickly bring Imperial Physician Liu back to Ai Jia. Let him confession the identity of the mastermind! Li’er rest assured, for Ai Jia will definitely seek justice for your sister. Definitely will not allow for her to suffer for no cause!”

Bai Ruo Qi was in tears.

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She would rather be wronged! She did not want the Empress Dowager to investigate!

However, those words were spoken by Huang Yue Li. There was simply no room for her to protest!

Feeling hopeful, Imperial Physician Liu’s hatred towards Bai Ruo Qi increased.

Being brought back, he immediately fell on his knees and poured everything out!

“Your Highness Empress Dowager, thank you for giving me a chance and investigate into this matter! Today’s affair of Second Young Miss Bai fainting from blood loss, truly occurred to due drugged wine. But the person who drugged the wine was no other than Bai Ruo Qi herself!”

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