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Aunt Li flatteringly said: “Your Highness’ memory is still so good. More than a dozen years have passed, yet you still remember it so clearly!

The Empress Dowager was very happy and said: “Turns out it was Li girl. Ai Jia still remembers you! That year when you accompanied Bai Liu Feng into the Palace, you were still young and already a beautiful child; very gifted. Back then, everyone all agreed that you would grow up to be a proud and beautiful girl. In a flash, you have grown so big! Come and let Ai Ji have a look!”

With light and graceful steps, Huang Yue Li walked towards the Empress Dowager.

When she passed Bai Ruo Qi, Bai Ruo Qi’s glare practically spewed out flames.

Meeting her gaze, Huang Yue Li returned with a gentle and sweet smile.

“Your Royal Highness, Empress Dowager, I plead for pardon on behalf of my Second Sister. Please allow my Second Sister to stand up! Not only was she injured, she was then misdiagnosed, suffering quite a lot! To kneel down again, I am afraid that she won’t be able to bear much longer! ”

As soon as she opened her mouth, it was to aid Bai Ruo Qi.

The Empress Dowager laughed: “This girl, quite caring for your sister. This sisterly relationship is very good! This is Ai Jia’s negligence! Someone come help Second Young Miss Bai and allow her to rest by the side!”

Bowing deeply, Huang Yue Li: “Thanking the Empress Dowager!”

Giving her a seat, the Empress Dowager said amiably: “Li girl, you have not entered the Palace for many years, right? Truly to pitiful. Listening to your Uncle, I hear that your body has been weak in health for the past few years, constantly in bed. Hearing this, Ai Jia has been quite concerned for you. Truly did not expect to see you today, and with such vitality!”

Huang Yue Li replied: “Thanks for the Empress Dowager’s concern. Li’er has also missed you! Unfortunately for the past few years, even though it is better now, I was unable to cultivate. Due to my fear of being made a joke, I did not dare to enter the Palace or go out. But it is different now.”

Listening to this, the Empress Dowager’s eyes shone bright.

“So you can cultivate now?”

The more she looked at Huang Yue Li, the more the Empress Dowager liked her.

In terms of her birth, she was the daughter of Bai Liu Feng, a seventh staged master. In the small country of South Yue, sa seventh stage expert was absolutely worthy of the title ‘Master of the World’!

In contrast, Bai Ruo Qi’s father Bai Liu Jing, was but ninth level Defensive Profound practitioner.

Although both are from Valiant Martial Manor, anyone with a bit of brains would be able to see the disparity between the two!

The Empress Dowager and the Emperor also knew, who was the true first daughter of Valiant Martial Manor.

If it were possible, they do not want to select Bai Ruo Qi.

However, the previous Bai Ruo Li was just too lacking. And with all the rumors spread over the years, they all described her as weak, sickly and petite.

Not only that, there were also rumors of illicit affairs with a man!

With such a character, how could she become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort?

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As a result of this, she had not allowed Bai Ruo Qi to advance.

Originally, the Empress Dowager truly believed those rumors. But when she saw the real person, she knew that they were not credible!

Looking at this young girl, whether it was looks, temperament, grace or attitude; they were all superior! Even the Royal Princess could not compare!

Furthermore, she is both affectionate and righteous, concerned about her sister’s wellbeing. This added extra points for in the Empress Dowager’s heart.

Empress Dowager’s impression towards Huang Yue Li rose immensely. The only regrettable thing was her inability to cultivate.

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Chapter 210