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Unfortunately, no matter how jealous they were, Bai Ruo Qi had everything; talent, a good family and superior cultivation. So no one could offend her.

And everyone all expected her to become the Imperial Consort, a princess. But such a scandal suddenly broke out!

This made them laugh to death!

As Bai Ruo Qi listened to the whispered laughter around her, her face turned beet red.

From infancy to now, never had she felt this much shame! Moreover, it was in front of so many generations of noble aristocracy!

From young, she was the ruler of these aristocratic young ladies, existence of envy and a model for all of them. But now she had been reduced to a joke for them!

Angry and anxious, Bai Ruo Qi refused to take this and hurriedly explained herself loudly.

“Your Royal Highness, Empress Dowager! Today, I only drank one cup of wine in the Peach Blossom Banquet. I did not expect to suddenly experience unbearable abdominal pain, and fainted from the pain! I…..I thought it was just an irregular symptom that occurred. I did not expect Imperial Physician Liu to arrive and say I have the joyous pulse! I do not know what is going on, but I really have not done anything shameful!”

“If you did not do anything, why did a joyous pulse appear?” Aunt Li could not help but interrupt: “Second Young Miss Bai, are you implying that I have wronged you?”

“No no no…..this is definitely not related to Aunt Li!”

Bai Ruo Qi was still sensible, she knew that Aunt Li was the Empress Dowager’s person, someone who could not be offended.

Eyes flickering back and forth, she steeled her heart and decided to sacrifice Imperial Physician Liu.

“I do not know what is happening, but this is definitely a misdiagnosis! Imperial Physician Liu, when you were examining, why did you not examine properly? Do you know what responsibilities you hold when you announce the joyous pulse?”

The Empress Dowager coldly swept gaze over Imperial Physician Liu: “Imperial Physician Liu is the most specialized in this field, examining countless court ladies. Is it possible for a diagnosis error to occur? Then he examined blindly….”

Face deathly pale, Imperial Physician Liu did not know how to justify himself. He continued to knee on the ground and cried: “Your Royal Highness, this official is definitely impartial to all affairs, how can I possibly misdiagnose? Second Young Miss Bai truly has a joyous pulse!”

A trace of a poisonous streak flashed through Imperial Physician Liu’s eyes.

It was obviously Bai Ruo Qi who messed up the plan, drinking the wrong wine and causing such an accident. But to be free of the blame, she shifted the responsibility on his head!

God knows what the punishment would be for a misdiagnosis. And when this is coupled the disastrous consequence of nearly affecting the Concubine selecting process, he could no longer hold onto his position of Head Imperial Physician. He could also be sent to the dungeons for punishment!

Unfortunately, Bai Ruo Qi did not care about him at all. Opening her mouth to directly proclaim a misdiagnosis!

Since she backstabbed first, she could not blame him for the fifteen return strikes!

“You are spewing nonsense, refusing to admit to your misdiagnosis! Insisting on sullying my good name!”

“Second Young Miss Bai, I do not dare! Since the joyous pulse has been discovered, you still wish to deny it!”

Each insisting on their claim, they argued in front of the Empress Dowager.

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Sitting in the last row, Huang Yue Li watched the two quarrel in amusement. Inwardly, she commentated: “Gee, a dog ​​biting a dog, a mouth full of fluff! Unfortunately, Imperial Physician Liu mostly likely will not be able to out argue Bai Ruo Qi……..hai, unfortunate….”

Sure enough, Empress Shu stood up and said: “Your Highness, do not worry. Whether or not it is a misdiagnosis, is very easy to judge. Just go to the Imperial Physician Institution and have a few Imperial Physicians examine her pulse! Listen to what others have to say.”

“Yes, Empress Shu speaks reasonably.”

When the Empress Dowager realised this point, she immediately commanded it.

“Aunt Li, go right now and call all the Imperial Physicians who are on duty!”

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Chapter 207