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Imperial Physician Liu was hesitant, stalling for time as he refused to say his diagnosis was incorrect.

Becoming impatient, the Empress Dowager frostily said: “What is going on? Imperial Physician Liu, can you not cure it? Then this Empress will ask for another Imperial Physician!”

Cold sweat appeared on Imperial Physician Liu.

If another Imperial Physician was requested, he would be able to tell what tricks he was up to with one glance!

However, if no Imperial Physician was invited, he will have to heal Bai Ruo Qi and if Bai Ruo Qi recovered her ability to speak, she will bite him back……

He was in a dilemma. Countless grievances in his heart, he lamented and wondered why he took such a hot potato in a muddled headed moment!

Sitting on the sidelines, Empress Shu understood a bit more.

Walking to Bai Ruo Qi, she took out a bottle of pill from her sleeves. Pouring out several pills, she casually stuffed them into the mouth of Bai Ruo Qi.

As a cultivator, she would carry bottles of blood recovering and qi recovering pills on her body. And as an Empress, the quality and effects were also very good.

Bai Ruo Qi swallowed Qi Recovering Pills. When her sealed body suddenly received the supplements, she quickly broke through Huang Yue Li’s restrictions in one fell swoop. Throat itching, she cried out an “ah” sound.

Empress Shu said: “What is going on here? The Empress Dowager is here, what do you have to explain for yourself?”

She signalled at Bai Ruo Qi with her eyes.

In fact, even if Empress Shu did not give this hint, Bai Ruo Qi knew what to do.

Arriving at this juncture, if she does not cut off this relationship, she would truly be ruined today!

Of course, even now, her face had been lost all the way back to her grandmother’s home. But she could only walk shamelessly down this path. Rather shame, than to be identified as a “loose woman”!

Biting her teeth, tears rushing down her, Bai Ruo Qi threw her whole body to the ground.

“Aunt, Empress Dowager, Qi’er…..Qi’er is wronged. Qi’er absolutely did not do any inappropriate before marriage. Please, my two elders are smart, you must find justice for Qi’er!”

Usually she is already very good at acting. But today, she was definitely acting from the heart!

Her plan reversed by Huang Yue Li, she spewed a hundred grievances from being framed. In the instant she saw Empress Shu, all her grievances and sadness came pouring out nonstop. Her tears water falling down.

“Is that so?” The Empress Dowager thoughtfully looked at her, voice cold she asked: “You keep saying that you are innocent, but Imperial Physician Liu diagnosed you with a joyous pulse, how do you explain this? How can you prove that you are still pure in body?


“It can’t be, Bai Ruo Qi she…….”

“Bai Ruo Qi really…”

At The Empress Dowager’s questioning, the audience rose up in an uproar.

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Although Bai Ruo Qi collapsed, they still had their doubts. After all, this kind of thing is quite dubious. No one was convinced; they all thought they were overthinking.

Could it be, Bai Ruo Qi actually…..dared……..

Although they could could not openly talk about it in the presence of the two Empresses, but they all exchanged private looks of shock and gloating eyes.

Bai Ruo Qi was just too high profile and unattainable. Although she displayed the appearance of politeness, but she conveyed a lofty and above-others attitude that could not put anyone in her eyes.

Coupled with her public displays of flirtations with the Crown Prince, she incited the jealousy of many!

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Chapter 206