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Anxiously mad, Bai Ruo Qi wanted to shout out loudly.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she could only let out a short breath of air.

Laughing beside her, Huang Yue Li sat by the bed and listened with great interest to Doctor Liu outside.

“Wow! Second Sister, you didn’t? Pregnancy before marriage? I really did not see it coming, you are so brave! Oh, since Imperial physician Liu is so good at his trade, he will certainly not be mistaken. If the Empress Dowager were to learn of this, how will you become the Imperial Consort?”

When Huang Yue Li heard Imperial physician Liu’s diagnosis, a look of surprise appeared on her face. Clutching her chest, she nervously asked.

Eyes red, Bai Ruo Qi furiously gnashed her teeth.

The reason why she fell to this point, was it not due to this little slut? Yet she continued to act?

Ignoring her fierce eyes, Huang Yue Li sweetly laughed: “Second Sister, why are you looking at me with such hatred? Sister, I’m so afraid ah! It’s not like I told Imperial physician Liu to say that!”

Saying, she suddenly cried out an ‘ah’, realising something.

“Second Sister, I know your character, I believe you will not mess around, and you are certainly not pregnant. Someone must have set Imperial Physician Liu up to frame you ah! This is too vicious. Sister I will definitely help you curse them every day. Hoping the son she gives birth to not be **, and for her to marry an ugly, poor and waste of a man. Not only this, but to also suffer domestic violence every day…Second sister, don’t you agree? Let us curse her together!

Bai Ruo Qi almost spat out blood!

Plotting from behind the scenes……wasn’t that her?

Not only did he lifted the stone smash her own foot, and Huang Yue Li also wanted her to curse herself??

This damn girl is just too toxic! If things were really happen to how Huang Yue Li cursed, she was better off dead!

Bai Ruo Qi tuned in to the conversation outside.

Imperial physician Liu was repeating all the things they had discussed in advance. Its purpose was to fully convince Aunt Li; so Huang Yue Li will be beyond redemption!

She knew better than anyone, how lethal those words were!

Now, this lethality was currently being shot to her own body!

Aunt Li said: “Thank you Imperial physician. Liu. I must urgently convey this matter to Empress Dowager and at that time, please also repeat your words to Her Highness. No matter what, you must not make a mistake!”

Imperial physician Liu solemnly nodded, “Aunt Li rest assured, I am very clear on what I need to do. I will not let Empress Dowager be hoodwinked!”

“Well, Cui Qiao, go over to the Empress Dowager’s to report this!”


Sending a maid to the Empress Dowager’s, this step was also planned by Bai Ruo Qi with Imperial physician Liu.

Once the incident involved the Empress Dowager, there would be no possibility of turning over a new leaf for the lady who lost her virginity before marriage!

At that time Bai Ruo Qi felt very clever. But now, she wished dearly for time to turn back, taking back the words she spoke with Imperial physician Liu!

But it was too late. The accepting the order, Cui Qiao immediately left.

Bai Ruo Qi’s heart burned, but had no way to prevent any of this.

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Not long after, Cui Qiao came back to report.

“Aunt Li, once learning of this, the Empress Dowager flew into a big rage! She’s personally coming over and is about to arrive soon. She said that it is necessary for her to personally dispose of Young Miss Bai. In the presence of the various young ladies, allowing them all to see what will happen to someone who dared to do such a shameful thing!

Bai Ruo Qi was covered in cold sweat.

It was at this moment that the eunuch’s shouts sounded from far away.

“The Empress Dowager——! I ask of all the young ladies to start kneeling——!”

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Chapter 203