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If she were to carry charges of a potential pregnancy whilst single, her reputation would really sweep the ground. Not only would she lose face for the Empress Dowager, god knows how angry she will become once she learns of the news!

No matter how distinguished Bai Ruo Li’s father was, she could no longer hold her head up in this life!

One couldn’t deny how intricate and interlocking Bai Ruo Qi’s plot was this time. Not only did exploit the people, location and time, the hole dug was very deep and complex.

Really too nice!

Huang Yue Li could not help but give a round of applause.

Unfortunately, although this pit was dug beautifully, the victim was Bai Ruo Qi herself!

After a while, Bai Ruo Qi quietly moaned and awoke from her coma.


Huang Yue Li was the first to walk over. With a face full of anxiety, like a sincere sister, she asked about her dear sister’s condition.

“Second Sister! Second Sister, you are finally awake, are you okay? How did you faint? And where do you feel uncomfortable?”

If Bai Ruo Qi still felt dizzy, she immediately snapped awake at Huang Yue Li’s voice.

Waves of memories suddenly flooded into her mind. Soon, she came to understand that she must have been the one who drank the drugged glass of wine. Not only did her lower body start bleeding, she also fainted!

However, she remembered quite clearly to take the correct cup. What had gone wrong?

This little slut was definitely culprit!

Yet she still insisted to play the role of the good little sister!

Teeth itching, Bai Ruo Qi stared fiercely at the girls in front of her. Wishing she could beat her at that instant!

However, she could not lash out at such a time, or the truth of the medicine will be exposed. The unfortunate one was herself, so she could only look at Huang Yue Li pretentiousness.

She gritting her teeth: “I’m fine, Third Sister, thank you for your concern!”

Looking relieved, Huang Yue Li said: “That’s good. Just then when we saw Second Sister experiencing such an accident, perhaps…..uh, bleeding so much, we were afraid it will be life-threatening! It really scared me!”

How could Bai Qi did not understand what she truly meant?

Moreover, the discussions around had also reached her ears.

This result was what she expect. So naturally she knew how easy to misunderstand her symptoms are!

She must be, in front of everyone, explain clearly. Otherwise her reputation will be destroyed!

Thinking to this point, Bai Ruo Qi struggled to sit up. But the effects of that powder were too strong, still feeling dizzy, her body could not respond.

Huang Yue Li held her hand out, “Second sister, you need to lie down to rest. What are you doing?”

Bai Ruo Qi really wanted her to scram, along with that hypocritical smile. In her eyes, it was incomparably stifling.

But just as fate may be,Huang Yue Li was her blood related cousin. In the presence of others, their relationship must appear amicable. So when she came to assist her, it was impossible to leave her like this. She must play out the role of a “good younger sister”!

“I…..I want to see the Imperial Physician……” Bai Ruo Qi coughed out a sentence.

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Huang Yue Li replied: “Do not worry, the female officers have to already called for a Imperial Physician!”

After hearing this, Bai Ruo Qi was relieved.

She had long colluded with the Imperial Physician Liu. Originally, it was intended to trap Huang Yue Li. Although she was surprised at the turn in events, she could as long as Imperial Physician Liu could come, he could help her cover this matter up.

Imperial Physician Liu is one of the best doctors in the palace, no one will doubt his diagnosis.

He just need to make up a diagnosis along the lines of an irregular menstrual occurrence to seal the mouths of these people., Afterwards, the affair will be easily dealt with.

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Chapter 200