Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2

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Muddled headed and dizzy, Huang Yue Li floated about in the murky darkness for a long , long time.

All of a sudden, a bright ray of light appeared in front of her. From within, came faint sounds.

“Third Miss, you… died so unjustly…how could you not think this through properly…..”

The crying made Huang Yue Li highly agitated and wanted her to shut up. Yet no matter how much she struggled, she could not muster any strength.

An intense female shriek sounded out: “Stupid servant girl, hurry up and scram for this lady!”

“I cannot! Fourth Miss, you cannot act like this! Third Miss’ body has yet to turn cold and you already want to seize her property. These were all left behind by the old lord!”

“What can you do about it? This slut has already died! Now those things of hers belong to my Bai family. Hurry and scram for me, or I’ll give the order to whip you to death and let you accompany that slut of yours!”

Then Bai Ruo Yan proceeded to kick the eyesore of a serving girl as she commanded: “Move everything away for me and be careful. You really couldn’t tell that this slut would possess so many good things. Just this porcelain pill bottle, not even I possess one. Move everything out!”

“You really cannot Fourth Miss! All of my Young Miss’ possessions have already been taken away. Only that vase remains, and that was something the previous lord left behind….” The faithful serving girl threw herself forward once again.

“Lowly servant! Dare to block my way! Beat her to death!”

This ear piercing dispute unceasingly entered Huang Yue Li’s ears, sending waves of sharp pain coursing through her brain. Following the pain came a rush of memories that did not belong to her.

It appeared that she had been reborn.

The body of Bai Ruo Li was the Third Young Miss of the Wu Wei Manor, from the South Yue Country. Her father Bai Liu Feng once held the title of number one expert in the South Yue country, his prowess brilliant. From birth, she was above the masses, a greatly respected princess.

Unexpectedly when she was three years old, her father disappeared when he was leading his troops. Her second uncle Bai Liu Jing then inherited the position, pulling down Bai Ruo Li’s status by a thousand miles. Finally on her tenth birthday, she was revealed to be completely ungifted at cultivation, a complete waste.

In this martial world, the strong ruled the Tian Ling Continent. Not being able to cultivate meant that you had reached the very bottom of the ladder. From then on, Bai Rou Li was utterly bullied and humiliated by her female cousins from her Second Uncle’s side.

The morning before yesterday, her second cousin hosted a birthday celebration. As for Bai Ruo Li who was rushing to attend the event, she was assaulted by a passing male, her reputation falling to rock bottom.

Afterwards, Bai Ruo Li was extremely ashamed for the rumours of adultery that had spread. That very night, she committed suicide by hanging herself.

As for Huang Yue Li, she mysteriously and unknowingly awoke in this body replacing her.

From outside the door, the sound of the whip smashing down on raw skin became increasingly clear. The blood curdling cries also became increasingly mournful.

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With large strides, Bai Ruo Yan advanced sneering: “Oh, my Third Sister isn’t a princess for nothing. This jade pendant on her neck is a body recovering soul jade! It is such a waste to give to this useless trash such a rare treasure! It better if this miss had it instead!”

As she proclaimed this, her hands had already reached towards Huang Yue Li’s neck.

However, just as those thin nails were about to come in contact with skin, the motionless young girl’s eyes abruptly opened.

Bai Ruo Yan froze. Making contact with that pair of profoundly black eyes, she felt as if she was staring straight into a dark hole, instantly taking all her breath away.

She only felt her mind buzz a bit before it became completely blank!

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Chapter 2