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As the two glasses met, it created a loud clinking sound.

Slender fingers around the cup, Huang Yue Li once again put it to her mouth.

Staring at her movements, Bai Ruo Qi could not wait to see the wine pour down her throat!

Silently in her heart, she chanted: ‘drink faster, drink faster, drink faster!’

However, just as Huang Yue Li was about to take the first sip, the cup stopped at her lips again.

“Second Sister……”

“You….what do you want to do? ?” Bai Ruo Qi’s breathing was hurried. Always at the last moment, playing her!

Huang Yue Li smiled profoundly,, “Second sister, you also need to drink ah? How can I drink alone?”

“…..Oh, well, I will drink, I will drink. Don’t hold back any courtesies and quickly drink it! !”

Hell bent in coaxing Huang Yue Li to drink, Bai Ruo Qi did not even realise that her own wine cup contained the drugged liquor.

In order to encourage Huang Yue Li, without hesitation, she gulped down the wine. Looking up after the wine was drunk, she stared at the Huang Yue Li with a hungry gaze.

Huang Yue Li should hold no more doubts if she drank it first. Mostly likely if she did not drink soon, Bai Ruo Qi personally come up and force it down!

This time, she finally lifted the cup and drank the wine inside.

With her goal complete, Bai Ruo Qi finally released a long breath of relief. Her heart beating in satisfaction.

Hehe, this little slut, since she drank this cup of wine, today……there will be a good show to watch! Not only will she be unable to marry the Crown Prince, she would not be able to able for the rest of her life! This truly made her happy!

Who allowed this little slut to provoke her head? She deserved it!

As the two sisters finished reconciling, they did not leave. Instead, they joined Second Miss Qi’s group, chatting about various tidbits and gossip with them.

Due to Bai Ruo Qi’s high standing, she rarely associated with young ladies who did not match her status. So for her to be this amicable, laughing with them, truly made Second Miss Qi flattered.

Only Huang Yue Li knew her sister was waiting to see her make a fool of herself!

‘I am afraid that is but of a dream of yours Bai Ruo Qi. Today you are using a rock to smash your own feet!’

But in the end, even Huang Yue Li could not figure out what tricks Bai Ruo Qi was playing. Under these watchful eyes, did she really intend to poison her? Or could it be a medicine of some kind?

Quite some time passed by.

Bai Ruo Qi’s patience was wearing thin, dealing with these young ladies. She did not know why, Huang Yue Li continued to sit there perfectly fine with no reaction.

When the Manor Madam gave her the powder, she informed her that the time it took for the medicine to show effect, depends largely on the cultivation of the person.

It will takes a long time for a practitioner, but for the average person, there will be a response in the time it takes to brew tea.

Half an hour has already passed, even a practitioner at the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm will have a reaction. Why did that trash show no symptoms?

Powder couldn’t have lost its effectiveness right?

Bai Ruo Qi slightly frown, doubt sprouting in her heart.

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At this moment, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

Caught off guard, she couldn’t help but cry out loudly. Sweat forming on her forehead, she curled whilst clutching her stomach..

“Second sister, what is the matter?”

“Eh? Second Miss Bai, what happened? Are you sick?”

“I…..I suddenly have a stomachache……” Bai Ruo Qi gritted her teeth, not understanding what was happening.

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Chapter 198