Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 197

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Sweeping her eyes over Bai Ruo Qi’s proud smile, Huang Yue Li sneered inside.

In the end, no matter what drug was used, the result will be the same.

Just by those little schemes of Bai Ruo Qi’s, did she really plan to fool her? She could not blame her for not biting the bait!

Just as the Bai Ruo Qi’s nails dipped inside the cup, Huang Yue Li unconsciously glance towards her right. Suddenly showing a shocked look, She exclaimed: “Ah? This is…….is His Royal Highness the Crown Prince? ?”

Hand flicking away, Bai Ruo Qi almost knocked over the cup on the table.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince? ?

Why would His Royal Highness come at such a time?

If the Crown Prince is here, then she can not give this little slut medicine in his presence! Otherwise, if the powerful Crown Prince saw through her tricks, her ladylike would be shattered!

Bai Ruo Qi looked back in panic and became surprised.

No one?

In the Peach Blossom Orchid, there were only petals billowing in the wind. What Royal Highness Crown Prince?

Realised that she had been played, she turned around to angrily glare at Huang Yue Li, “You….you dare fool me?”

Huang Yue Li on the other hand took advantage of her momentarily stupor to rearrange the positions of the two cups.

At this point, she stared into her eyes with a face more innocent than a deer.

“Ah…. was wrong, I did not mean to do that. I just saw a silhouette which resembled His Royal Highness Prince a lot….Second Sister, why are you this fierce? Did you not say that you wish to make up with me?”

Though Bai Ruo Qi’s anger had burst out, after listening to this statement, she had to immediately reign in her anger. This nearly caused her to suffer internal injuries.

Yes, yes, her goal was to get this dead girl to drink the drug. She could not rip that face of hers, She must continue to deceive her!

A little moment’s of disturbance will affect the greater plan. She…..forbearance!

Bai Ruo Qi took a deep breath and lightly laughed: “You made a mistake. When was I fierce? Second Sister is sincere in reconciling with you. Come, Third Sister, let us down this cup of wine!”

As she said this, she personally picked up one of the cups and delivered it to Huang Yue Li.

With a faint smile, Huang Yue Li took the cup.

“Since Second Sister has said so, if I continue to put on airs, it will be my fault! Even though…….Second Sister you often whip me, grab my things, while pouring dirty water on me outside, as we are cousins, I can only choose to forgive. ”

Green was Bai Ruo Qi’s face.

If you don’t care, why must you say something like this before so many people?

The ice beauty Bai Ruo Qi would not only whip her own cousin, but also take her things?

Whether it was true or false, to hear such gossip, many ears became alert. Whispering, they chattered amongst themselves.

Bai Ruo Qi was dying to seal Huang Yue Li’s lips!

Fortunately, this dead girl was moving the cup to her mouth.

The moment the liquor touched her lips, Huang Yue Li suddenly stopped moving, moved the cup away.

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This nearly caused Bai Ruo Qi to jump up from anxiety, “You……why do you not drink?”

Could it be, her schemes were seen through by this stinking girl?

That was impossible ah. For a waste like her, how could she possibly see through her tactics?

Seemingly oblivious to her anxious looks, Huang Yue Li innocently said: “Second Sister, I suddenly remembered something. Did we not say that we would drink all of it? We forgot to touch cups!”

“Oh, yes, cheers, cheers…..” Relieved, Bai Ruo Qi dryly laughs: “That’s right, look at my memory!”

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Chapter 197