Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 195

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As for the contents of the next topic, Huang Yue Li no longer held any interest.

Her attention continued to linger on the topic regarding the Second Prince.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect such a powerful and arrogant man, the Owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion to be the Second Prince of South Yue. Not to mention such an astounding identity. It was just too… too pitiful.

It was hard for her to imagine that such an amazing man would be unable to live past six years……

She felt quite miffed inside, but could not identify where this feeling arose from.

An image of the man appeared in her mind, as a weak bodied boy who lost his mother at a young age, clutching his quilt alone in the large and icy harem palace. Growing up without anyone’s love or attention.

The boy’s image when compared with the domineering image of the peerlessly handsome man within her memories, gradually melded together.

Just at this occurred, she once again heard the gossiping of those young ladies.

Hearing their tones of despise towards Prince Yu, she heard them discussing how useless he was and how much misfortune he would bring to the family he will wed.

Huang Yue Li nearly leapt out from anger. Even those previous feelings of disgust disappeared in that instant.

This group of little girls, what nonsense were they discussing?

If that Prince Yu was a piece of trash, then there are no geniuses in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent!

Nonetheless, she would not admit this truth out loud. Inwardly, she let out a sigh.

With how proud that man was, he would not go and bicker with a bunch of girls. Since he choose to reveal himself today to these various golden spooned born young ladies, in this Peach Blossom Banquet for the selection of Imperial Consorts and concubines, he clearly lost all chances!

As Huang Yue Li allowed her imagination to roam free, someone called her from behind.

“Third Sister, so you were hiding here! Making me use such a long time to find you!”

Slowly turning her head to the origin of the sound, she was greeted with the exaggerated sight of Bai Ruo Qi’s long and flowing red dress as she sauntered towards her.

The way in which walked was extremely eye catching. Step by step, each move seemed to be calculated meticulously when matched with that cloud-like lower skirt, it created that illusion that she floating across the earth. Graceful and feminine, each step seemed to give birth to blossoming flowers.

The various discussions of these young ladies thus ceased as they turned their gazes towards Bai Ruo Qi. their eyes filled with envy and jealousy.

Regardless of the talent, looks or family standing, Bai Ruo Qi stood at the peak. This caused these aristocratic and influential young ladies to only ever see her trail dust, never to reach her level. They could not compete with her at all.

Dusting the dust off her butt, Huang Yue Li stood up and greeted her with a slight smirk.

“So it was Second Sister. Why are you looking for me?”

As she smiled, Bai Ruo Qi appeared many times gentler. Then in a particularly dedicated voice, she said: “Third Sister, Second Sister has especially come to apologise to you. Last time, the misunderstanding that occurred between us at Thousand Treasure Pavilion was due to my hastiness. This caused me to wrongly blame you. So I ask Third Sister to not hold a grudge.”

Glancing at her, Huang Yue Li responded with hooked lips, “…oh? Second Sister would actually come and apologise to a trash like me?”

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Within Huang Yue Li’s gaze were traces of clear contempt. This nearly cause Bai Ruo Qi to fail in her acting, wishing she go out and give her a slap!

This damn girl is just a piece of garbage trash right? She does not have the aid of that expert backing her today, yet she dared to continue her arrogant act. Looking for a beating!

Taking in a deep breath, Bai Ruo Qi forcefully suppressed her rising anger.

No, she can’t be this impulsive today. A small lashing will affect larger plans. She will allow for this damn girl to prance around for a while longer.

Later one, she make this slut die without a complete corpse!

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Chapter 195