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The more she thought, the unhappier Huang Yue Li became.

Nonetheless, it was not due to her liking the man. It was just…..just…..

Thinking over it, she made a fist inside her heart.

That’s right, her displeasure originated from the man’s fakeness!

He was clearly a powerful individual, with a dominating and unrelenting disposition. His gaze towards her was filled with an indescribable sense of pressure. Yet his current persona infront of these various golden spooned young ladies was an elegant and refined prince.

What was he planning?

Could it be he truly planned to….to select his Imperial Consort during this Peach Blossom Banquet?

As she was considering this possibility, Second Young Miss Qi’s voice drifted from behind her.

“You guys, don’t just look at the face. I will tell you the truth, His Highness Prince Yu is not a good partner!”

“Really? Why is that?”

“Could it be he holds no power in court due to the passing of his Royal Mother?”

“Or could it be, due to the extreme pampering of his Empress Mother, Her Majesty the Imperial Empress cannot stand him?”

Second Young Miss Qi shook her head: “These are all incorrect. The truth is, due to Empress Ming’ extreme exertion of her body during birth, he was born with a sickly constitution and nearly lost his life. After receiving the treatment of various esteemed doctors in the country, they all deemed he would not be able to live past six years.”

“Ah? How could this be? But he currently……not only did he outlive six years, he should be coming of age soon right?”

“Yes. afterwards, a medical expert from a large sect past by and said he could cure the Second Prince. However he requested that he take the Second Prince with him to the mountains to recuperate. Naturally not many would know of His Highness Prince Yu, because he did not live in the Royal Palace.”

“No wonder…..”

“Turns out it was like this….”

Expression turning grave, Second Young Miss Qi continued to speak: “Not only is His Highness not a cultivator, his health is many times weaker than normal.”

“His Highness Prince Yu cannot cultivate, so disappointing…..”

“That’s right, he’s not even a practitioner. Even if he is a Prince, even with a pretty face, what use is that?”

“Hai, for the one becoming Prince Yu’s Imperial Consort, it would misfortune from eight generations. Don’t dream of anything big in her entire life! What will one do, if they married a man who could not cultivate?”

“In other words, the Third Prince is a fourth grade talent, the Fourth Prince and Fifth Prince’s are third grade talents, all are more powerful than His Highness Prince Yu. i must be careful and not attract Prince Yu’s gaze.”

The Soaring Heavens Continent had always followed the law of the jungle. Peak levelled experts held exceptional statuses, their words worth more than gold. And they were the dream spouses of all young girls.

On the contrary, wastrels who could not cultivate, no matter how high their statuses were or how distinguished their births were, they would all be looked down upon.

That year, as the daughter of Bai Liu Feng, a golden spooned daughter of Valiant Martial Manor, Bai Ruo Li was treated worse than a servant. Anyone could use a whip to strike, and she she was powerless to retaliate. This was all due to her wastrel identity!

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Although these golden spooned young ladies were moved by Prince Yu’s immaculate appearance, once they heard he was unable to cultivate, their attitudes went through a one-eighty degree flip. Slight tones of despise could be heard in their speech.

A wastrel Prince, will stay the same throughout his entire life.

No matter how beautiful he was, he could not use his face to feed himself.

They were all young ladies who were at least second grade talents. How could they possibly marry that kind of person?

As all the golden spooned young ladies lost interest in His Highness Prince Yu, they all began to enquire about the others Princes from Second Young Miss Qi.

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Chapter 194