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More importantly, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has been known as the number one genius of the South Yue. The reason why he could sit so stably on this position is not only because he is the eldest son of the Empress, but also because his strength overwhelms all his brothers.

However, the cultivation of the Lord Owner is obviously higher than the Crown Prince by many times. If he is a prince, even if there were a hundred Crown Princes, they would not be able to defeat him.

If one thought like that, he could actually be an ordinary prince or something similar…

Thinking over the various cause and effects, Huang Yue Li still failed to comprehend the various intricacies hidden within.

Since she could not figure it out, she gave up.

Since the Owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion hid his own identity, there is certainly a reason. She did not have to butt herself into someone’s private matters.

Besides, the day when the two separated, they had left on such awkward terms….

There is a possibility that the man no longer wished to hold any other relations with her in the future.

After all, for someone with such a powerful and overbearing character, very rarely would they suffer such setbacks. It is hard to imagine the feeling of being severely refused by a woman.

She could sense the man’s sincere intentions towards her.

Since she so mercilessly refused him, not only did she hurt him, she also hurt his self-esteem.

But it was exactly because of her sincere intentions, did Huang Yue Li resort to such resolute actions to remove him from her world.

She already has Mu Cheng Ying in her heart. She could not have a foot in both boats, stringing others with illusory hope. She decided to stop the man’s feelings before they had the chance to develop too much. This would be good for both of them.

However, when thought of that day when she fled from the Clear Flower Palace and the cold and gloomy face of the Lord Owner’s, a faint sour feeling arose in her heart.

He is not bad, but….

Such a pity…..

Leaning against the peach blossom tree, Huang Yue Li’s mind drifted off far far away.

At this time, the argumental voice of some nearby aristocratic daughters travelled to her ears.

“You see? Just then, that passing man looked really handsome and excellent. I almost became a fool. Never have I seen such a handsome man! Do not know what his identity is? Is he the son of a minister?”

“He is not some minister’s son, but His Royal Highness, a Prince!”

“He is a Prince? But my aunt is the Emperor’s favorite Senior Concubine. Every year, of the various times when I entered the Royal Palace, I have never seen him ah? Growing with such an appearance, I will never forget such a face.”

“The doting of your aunt, is news from the past few years no? No wonder you do not know, this….he is the legendary Second Prince – His Royal Highness, Prince Yu!”

“What? He is His Royal Highness, Prince Yu?”

“No wonder he looks so handsome!”

“They all said that His Royal Highness Prince Wu is matchless. Really well-deserved of these claims ah!”

When Huang Yue Li heard their conversation, she frowned slightly.

Prince Yu? Are they talking about Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s Owner?

Is he really a prince?

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Huang Yue Li can not help herself but secretly move a bit closer. Leaning a little, she erected her ears, to hear what they were saying more clearly.

Those few young ladies continued to twitter non-stop.

“Wait, so what is with Royal Highness Prince Yu? Why do you all know him?”

Quite obviously, not everyone recognized Prince Yu.

Very quickly someone spoke out to answer this question: “You actually do not even know about Prince Yu ah! His Royal Highness Prince Yu, is the son of the most favored Empress Ming Fei from twenty years ago!”

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Chapter 192