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When everyone heard this, they were surprised.

They did not think there would be a day where the always ridiculed Third Young Miss Bai, dared to speak to them like this today!

Moreover, with such toxicity!

Dared to call their group of jade daughters lowly women? Also saying they were swearing on the streets?

Someone who could not endure, angrily refuted back: “Bai Ruo Li, speak more politely! Do you really think that possessing a conferred title makes you so much better? Waste is waste, you have to recognize this identity! I think you are looking for a beating!”

Turning her head, Huang Yue Li saw it was Jing Jun Manor’s Wei Ling Shuang who had spoke.

Wei Ling Shuang is a close friend of Bai Ruo Qi’s; frequently bullying Bai Ruo Li.

She raised her eyebrows, but before she could speak, she heard the voice of Bai Ruo Qi from behind her.

“Lei Shuang, don’t speak like that! No matter what, we are young ladies from upright families. Different from wastrels! Afterall, she grew up with no proper education from her father or mother. Not speaking right is normal. Ladies, we are all high class ladies so please do not care about her!”

Although Bai Ruo Qi was speaking in a natural and unrestrained manner, an expression of helplessness was plastered over her face. Seemingly like a good sister trying to keep her sister from trouble.

Huang Yue Li looked at her with great interest.

Today, Bai Ruo Qi was dressed very beautifully, even in this group of dolled up young ladies, she particularly stood out.

A few days ago, the appearance of Bai Ruo Qi at Thousand Treasure Pavilion was still vivid in one’s mind. But today, she was the complete opposite of her original awkward appearance. She looks like a immortal beauty standing on ice.

A look full of self-confidence and haughtiness, seemingly like the position of Imperial Concubine is already hers.

Is it possible to say that if the prince is in harmony with the prince?

Pondering, Huang Yue Li replied with a face full of smiles: “What Sister is right. I really cannot talk properly, because I will only talk with people and not with mutts. So if I offend you, please do not take it to heart!”

Wei Ling Shuang’s frosty face turned green, “Who are you saying is a mutt?!”

A look of innocence, Huang Yue Li asked, “I did not say anything. Are you planning to take this self appointed title?”

Prepared for fight, Wei Ling Shuang was caught off guard with such a response. This left her at a loss.

If she really beat up Bai Ruo Li, wouldn’t she be admitting she was a mutt?

In her hesitation, the carriage suddenly stopped.

Outside the carriage, Eunuch Li’s voice cried out: “Fellow Young Ladies, we have at the entrance of the Palace. Please alight the carriage and follow me into the Palace.”

Not daring to make trouble at the entrance of the Palace, Wei Ling Shuang could only bitterly glare at Huang Yue Li and proceed to exit the carriage.

Following the crowd, Huang Yue Li entered the Palace.

South Yue’s Royal Palace was decorated very luxuriously, not inferior to some large sects.

This is due to it being located right next to Dark Moon Forest. By the trading of magical beast cores, South Yue’s finances were quite ample.

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Huang Yue Li’s last to the Royal Palace had been late at night, with nothing to see. So now that she could finally visit during the day, she looked around with great interest. Almost as if she is visiting her own garden.

Those arrogant daughters of various esteemed household, all trembled with bowed heads, as soon as they entered the Palace.

In this way, it caused Huang Yue Li to stand out among the group.

Behind them, Eunuch Li naturally saw her glances.

To be so comfortable in this grand and majestic Palace, is such a rare sight indeed.

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Chapter 190