Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 189

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“I was wondering who it was! It was Bai Ruo Li! Isn’t the invitation for the Peach Blossom Banquet only for young ladies with outstanding talents? Why has Bai Ruo Li also received an invitation from the Palace?”

“What you don’t know is, Bai Ruo Li…….is someone His Royal Highness previously held an engagement with?”

“What? How is this possible? What does does Royal Highness Prince see in this waste? Do make your story a bit more plausible!”

“I am not lying to you. After all, Bai Ruo Li has a powerful dad! When Marquis Bai was still here, she experienced everything differently! Unfortunately, waste will be waste in the end. With her backing gone, she has lost everything and fell to such a point.”

“If what you say it true, then His Royal Highness is too pitiful. Almost forced to marry this waste…….”

Inside the carriage, a variety of cynical voices sounded. They were all aimed at the target, Third Young Miss Bai.

Huang Yue Li sat quietly.

Sitting in the carriage, were all young ladies from various powers. They were all dressed up gorgeously, with elegant and beautiful smiles hanging from their faces.

But as it happens, the words that came from their mouths were that unscrupulous and harsh sounding.

One can imagine, with the original weak and timid character of Bai Ruo Li, how she was bullied.

With a shallow smile and a particularly gentle, Huang Yue Li said: “Sisters, long time no see.”

All discussion ceased.

Everyone stared at Huang Yue Li.

Just a moment ago, no one looked in her direction until the moment she spoke. As their eyes fell on her, they found that she was different from everyone’s impression; completely different!

Before, Bai Ruo Li looked ordinary beyond belief, with a constantly lowered head; not daring to make a sound. Naturally, no one paid attention to her.

But in the girl in front of them has stunning looks. Facial features exquisitely small, white like jade skin; a clear little beauty!

Moreover, her temperament was outstanding. Her gestures elegant and exquisite. Bearing greater than all those present.

“You……you are Bai Ruo Li?”

“Not possible? How could this be?”

“But…..she looks a bit like Bai Ruo Li ah! I have grown up with her, I cannot mistake her.”

A hand touching the smooth and tender face, a bright smile lit up Huang Yue Li’s face.

That day after the herb bath, her body was rid of all impurities, exiting through her meridians. Not only did she become peak level practitioner of the Qi Profound Realm, even her face had changed.

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This change is actually very subtle, nothing more than tender skin and facial features becoming more refined. From a glance, she was still the same person, but from other perspectives, she became a superior beauty. In retrospect, with Bai Liu Feng being an attractive man, adding on her mother’s charm and alluring beauty, it was inconceivable for the daughter of those two, to look so ordinary. It seems that the Flame Spirit Physique not only clogged up her meridian, unable to cultivate, but also affected her appearance.

Until that day of the her first transformation, unlocking her Flame Spirit Physique, will she be able to slowly reveal her true looks.

Everyone’s stunned and shocked eyes fell on her, but Huang Yue Li kept her calm.

In her past life, she was the number one beauty of the Soaring Heavens Continent. So she had long grown accustomed to accepting the hateful gazes of other women.

She quietly glanced around. Laughing out, she said: “I did not expect you to miss me so much. Just then, the carriage was so noisy, I thought it was a group of lowly women were cursing on the streets. I did not expect that everyone was greeting me.”

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Chapter 189