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Taking a look inside the porcelain bottle, Bai Ruo Qi found one Spirit Cleansing Pill lying inside.

The Spirit Cleansing Pill is a third level lower grade pill worth many times more than the Spirit Cleansing Pill that Thousand Treasure Pavilion had auctioned.

The Spirit Raising Pill is only useful for practitioners at the Qi Profound Realm, while the Spirit Cleansing Pill can help those at the Defensive Profound Realm to advance in level. Many times more effective for those at the Qi Profound Realm!

This sort of pill was impossible for Bai Liu Jing to obtain.

But the year Bai Liu Feng left, he left such a pill. After his disappearance, Bai Liu Jing went to snatch it from Bai Ruo Li’s grasp.

Bai Liu Jing had planned to take it for himself. He did not think that this disappointing daughter of his, not only failed to obtain that bottle of Spirit Raising Pills but also offended His Royal Highness.

Seeing the position as the country’s ruler fly away, he must weigh the pros and cons. Only then did he reluctantly to take it out for Bai Ruo Qi.

Seeing the pressure similar to giving away his (my) precious, Bai Ruo Qi suddenly felt very ashamed. Firmly clasping the bottle, her eyes flashed with a firm look.

“Daddy, rest assured! With this Spirit Clearing Pill, your daughter will break through to the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm within three days! And if I can go into closed door cultivation for a further three months, breaking through to the Defensive Profound Realm is not unfeasible. At the Peach Blossom Banquet, this daughter will definitely show the Crown Prince who is truly befitting of becoming his Imperial Consort!”

“I hope that is the case. You must live up to these expectations, do not make any mistakes!”

Although his tone was heavy and face serious, his heart was already set to marry his daughter to the Crown Prince!

After all, a fifteen year old ninth level Qi Profound Practitioner in the South Yue is a rarely seen genius every hundred years. His Highness the Crown Prince is only so-so.

Not matter how powerful the Dingguo Government Household’s daughter is, she still cannot be discussed on equal levels at Bai Ruo Qi!

After Bai Liu Jing walked away, Bai Ruo Qi clutched the bottle with a determined gaze.

Seeing this, the Manor Madam asked her: “What is it? Why why have you not started cultivating?”

Biting her lip, Bai Ruo Qi responded: “Mother, even if I can suppress Liu Yi Yi, wouldn’t that little slut Bai Ruo Li still be here? That day in Thousand Treasure Pavilion, she deliberately seduce the Crown Prince. And if brings out the issue of her previous word agreement of engagement with the Crown Prince, what should be do? And if the Emperor pities her and really weds her to His Highness the Crown Prince…….”

She did not know why, but her intuition has been told her that her biggest obstacle will not be Liu Yi Yi, but her seemingly fragile waste of a cousin!

That little slut obviously should be a bullied and idiotic waste. But why, every time she laid her hands on her, she always ended up as the loser!

“She but a wastrel, the Empress Dowager will not be so confused.”

The Manor Madam could not help shake her head when she saw Bai Ruo Qi’s clenched teeth: “A wastrel can make you this angry? Mother has told you it is very easy to deal with her. You only need to do this on the day of the Peach Blossom Banquet…..”

The more the Manor Madam spoke, the softer her voice became. To the point where the last few words were barely heard by Bai Ruo Qi.

The more she listened, the brighter her eyes became.

“Mother, you really have your ways! Well, since that little slut dared to take my cultivation pills and seduce His Royal Highness, she must be defeated this time. To become the laughing stock of the entire South Yue Kingdom!

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Soon the day of the Peach Blossom Festival arrived.

That day, the weather was fine.

From the early morning, Huang Yue Li actually took the time to choose her clothes.

The Palace had sent a carriage to pick her up. Taking Cai Wei along with her, she prepared to entire the carriage. But soon, she heard an arrogant snigger from behind her.

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Chapter 188