Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 187

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Ashamed, Bai Ruo Qi bowed her head, “Yes, but His Royal Highness’s attitude has become much better. Yesterday he asked the housekeeper to get me some tea before inviting me back. His heart must have softened. As long as you give me half a month’s time…”

“We don’t have half a month’s time ah!” The Manor Madam was gloomy faced, “Oh that cheap person Bai Ruo Li really is an unlucky star! She was the one to implicate you!”

Speaking through clenched teeth: “We can’t allow her to trick us with that weak appearance, as it is false! That day when she was in the presence of His Highness, His Highness’ gaze towards her was very different….”

Recalling that time and the Crown Prince’s moving eyes, Bai Ruo Qi’s heart burst into flames.

Just by that little slut, she dared to attract the Crown Prince’s gaze?

Moreover, on that day you also seduced that mysterious and powerful expert!

Why is this?

She is just a waste! Rubbish!

The Manor Madam coldly snorted out: “I said that little slut is a scourge! But you do not need to waste your energy worrying about her, for she is just a wastrel. There is no possibility of her becoming the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine! Even if could seduce the Prince, the most she will become is a minor concubine!”

“But I cannot resign myself to see that little slut….”

“Enough!” The Manor Madam interrupted her words, “Dealing with Bai Ruo Li is very easy. While your current competitor is the Dingguo government’s Third Young Miss Liu Yi Yi!”

“Liu Yi Yi? She is only a third grade talent, how can she compete with me?” Bai Ruo Qi pridefully proclaimed.

“You! You do not know, but the Dingguo Household has recently set up relation with a Third Tier Alchemist. With a large number of pills to assist her, in the last few days she has already been promoted to seventh level of the Qi Profound Realm. The same as you!”

“What? How could that be?” Bai Ruo Qi was surprised!

“How can this not be? Originally your talent was higher, even if your cultivations are the same, His Royal Highness will certainly choose you! But now, His Royal Highness Prince has lost hope in you, and may choose Liu Yi Yi instead! After all, the Dingguo Household can employ the assistance of a Third Tier Alchemist. A clear symbol of strength!”

Bai Ruo qi began to panic.

“This…. What to do ah? I have tried every means to approach the Crown Prince, but he is not willing to see me! I will go in the afternoon……..”

At this time, the door was pushed open and in came Wu Wei Manor’s Bai Liu Jing with big strides.

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He looked steely at his most beloved second daughter.

“You know to panic now? I really did not expect for usually smart you, to not even know how to win a man over? And also being played by that waste, Bai Ruo Li! Previously, everyone proclaimed you and the Crown to be a golden pair, a match made in heaven. So if you lose this position of Imperial Consort, the Manor’s face will going flying as well!”

Seeing her daughter was scolded to the point where she could not lift her head, the Manor Madam quickly interjected her husband: “Manor Lord, Qi’er knows she is wrong. Now scolding her will not do anything, so let us think about a way to win back the Crown Prince’s heart?”

Snorting out, Bai Liu Jing withdrew a porcelain bottle from within his sleeves and threw it to Bai Ruo Qi.

“This is a bottle of Spirit Clearing Pills. That year, your uncle only left one behind. Originally I intended to keep it for my own use but I will give it to you.You must, within these three days to breakthrough to the eighth or ninth level! As long as your strength is greater than Liu Yi Yi’s, the Crown Prince is a wise man, he will naturally know what to choose!”

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Chapter 187