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Even Eunuch Li, the sly old fox who had many years of Palace experience, reigned in his arrogant manner in her presence. He became many times more respectful.

Worthy to be called Bai Liu Feng’s daughter!

Looks like he must go back to Her Highness the Empress Dowager and inform her that Third Young Miss Bai is very different from the rumors.

Even so, she can not become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort. No matter how good her temperament is, she was a cultivational wastrel.

As a dignified fifth grade talent, how could His Highness wed a wastrel?

Although Huang Yue Li knew what he was thinking, she did not mind.

“Thank you Eunuch Li, I will most definitely attend the banquet.”

Sending Eunuch Li away, a trace of a sinister smile appeared on Huang Yue Li’s face.

She had immediately shut herself the day after she looted the Royal Treasury, so she remained oblivious to the night’s final result. Just how big of a ruckus did it stir?

As for the debt the Crown prince owned Thousand Treasure Pavilion, it was unclear whether or not he had cleared his debt. Yet he was already choosing his wife?

For the position of Imperial Consort, Huang Yue Li held no interest, but she felt it necessary to watch the upcoming and lively show.

Bai Ruo Qi’s wish to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort, not even hesitating to kill her own cousin? She will not allow for this mother and daughter pair to achieve their goals!

Valiant Martial Manor

Eunuch Li also visited the Manor to convey the Empress Dowager’s intentions, inviting Bai Ruo Qi to participate in her Peach Blossom Banquet.

When Valiant Martial Manor heard the news, they felt a bit uneasy.

If it were ten days earlier, they would be jumping ecstatically from the news of choosing the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort. Then in the near future, it will be Valiant Martial Manor ruling the country!

However, since the day of Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s auction, the Crown Prince did not initiate any form of contact with Bai Ruo Qi.

Bai Rou Qi remained very worried about the Crown Prince. Suffering for days, before finally deciding to inform Bai Liu Jing of the events that conspired during the auction.

When Bai Liu Jing heard the news he madly cursed at her, but after his anger passed, the dragon of a man the Crown Prince, could not be missed. He must help his daughter to amend for her wrongs.

The position of Imperial Consort, he can not allow it to fall into the hands of another family!

As a result, Bai Liu Jing sold off many properties Bai Liu Feng left behind. After much difficulty, he managed to scrape up one million silver and deliver it to the Royal Palace as an apology to the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince was short of money, although Wu Wei’s government prowess was not little, unless necessary, he did not wish to offend him. Going down a few steps and accepting it, it could be considered a reconciliation between the two parties.

But when Bai Ruo Qi when to seek an audience, the Crown Prince refused to meet her.

Bai Ruo Qi couldn’t quite make out the situation. Could it be the Crown Prince’s loathes her and no longer considering to take her as his Princess?

As anxious as she is, she was the only fourth grade talent young lady of South Yue. This advantage placed her far above the rest.

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Bai Ruo Qi believed once the Crown Prince calmed down, he will understand that only a genius proud woman like herself will be able to match him. When that time comes, she will show a more gentle and obedient side of herself. The Crown Prince will change his mind!

Though her plans may be good, but these all require time.

What Bai Ruo Qi did not expect, was the Empress Dowager’s to suddenly hold a Peach Blossom Banquet!

Currently, the Crown Prince will still remember the auction. This time choosing of his Imperial Consort will be very unfavourable for her!

The Manor Madam’s expression was also very bad: “What to do ah! Qi’er, yesterday when you went to visit, did the Crown Prince continue to refuse to meet you?”

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Chapter 186