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From birth, one’s soul could only be harmed and weakened. It is very hard to create any obvious improvements.

The soul’s strength drastically limited and influenced the future development of a cultivator.

Once it is damaged and not properly treated, although one’s outer flesh would seem no different. But on more serious notes, one future cultivation will forever stagnate and never increase!

For a cultivator, a decline in one’s cultivation is a hundred times more critical than a bottleneck!

In addition to this, effects of such injuries will only fully display when a cultivator passed the sixth layer, with the disparity of the soul’s power becoming obvious.

Even cultivators of the same level, the difference in soul power would become more prominent in battle.

It was due to her soul explosion, did Huang Yue Li assumed her soul would dissipate and scatter.

Yet now, without any cause or explanation, she experienced a rebirth. Though she clearly felt her soul was held half the power of her previous self.

This is a very dangerous situation for her. Not only will it affect her cultivation, in the worst case scenario, it could also threaten her life.

Similar to a ticking time bomb buried beside her.

This is an issue that constantly presented Huang Yue Li with a headache, but she was helpless to solve this. This was also the reason why she so urgently wished to cultivate to the sixth layer. Once she possessed a decent amount of strength, then would she be able to seek out the appropriate heavenly items to recover her soul.

Yet out of all expectations, there was such a large Spirit Saint Spring within the Sky Phoenix Ring!

Although the spring’s nourishing effects could not be defined as quick, but with such a large amount available, if she continued to drink on a daily basis for an extended period of time, there would definitely be an immense improvement.

There is now hope to counter her biggest worry!

Including her current heaven defying physique, reaching the ninth layer is without question.

Kneeling on the ground as she leaned over the spring, Huang Yue Li drank several mouthfuls. The refreshing feeling penetrated the very depths of her soul unknowingly caused a smile to blossom on her face.

It was at that moment, an arrogant voice entered her ears.

“Wow female devil, you have such special hobbies. You actually like to drink my bath water!”

Turning her head around, the little phoenix had unknowingly awoken from his slumber. This two white and tender feet were splashing around in the spring with a cocky expression plastered on his face.

Looking at his tiny feet, seeing his pouting face, her lips hardened.

In the next moment, a world shaking cry echoed through the garden.

“Save me ah, the female devil is abusing. Domestic violence ah——!”

The sound of a door rang, as Huang Yue Li threw aside the thoroughly reformed little phoenix and exited the space.

Once she left the room, she was greeted with the face of a very worried Cai Wei standing guard.

“Third…..Third Young Miss…..”

Frowning, Huang Yue Li asked: “Did I not say I have urgent business and needed to enter seclusion for a while? No matter who it is, they are not to disturb me?”

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Due to her displeased mood, her gaze hazy and unknowingly carried some pressure.

But Cai Wei couldn’t help but cower.

For some unknown reason, her family’s Third Young Miss seemed to be more domineering than usual. A simple and casual glance caused cold sweat to appear on her back. It was more frightening than the Second Young Miss.

Did she make a mistake?

What Cai Wei did not know, was Huang Yue Li is no longer a cultivational wasterel. She had become a Qi Profound Realm ninth level cultivator and only a step away from the Defensive Profound Realm.

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Chapter 184