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The originally room empty, without the slightest bit of furnishings, now contained several cabinets.

Walking over, Huang Yue Li looked looked at them with a glint in her eyes.

Inside each cabinet, were a variety of practical objects. There were martial skills, cultivator pills, profound armaments, magical best cores, etc. Unfortunately the magical best cores were very low grade, all first grade or second grade.

Thinking for a moment, she came to an understanding.

This is probably due to her successfully completing the first transformation. As a result, the extent of the upgrade was very limited. But if she continued to breakthrough, the Sky Phoenix Ring will continue to upgrade and the level of treasures should also increase.

As for martial skills and profound armaments, she did not hold much interest or use. But the pills are very useful for her.

Second level upper grade pills are very precious in the small country of South Yue. So an entire bottle sell for tens of thousands of silvers. But this cabinet was filled to the brim.

In addition, they were all of the fire attribute, coincidentally aligning with her fire attribute body.

Seeing so many treasures placed before her, Huang Yue Li felt very good. Picking out a few, she stashed a few useful bottles into her sleeves.

But she did not find the little phoenix inside the room.

“Strange, where did that brat go?”

Looking left and right, she discovered a door had appeared inside this closed room.

She gently pushed the door opened.

What greeted her was a small garden outside. The garden was very small; about three hundred metres square large.

Half of the garden was covered in a field. The soil showing a dark red color and looking very fertile. But the field was now bare, nothing was sown.

Whilst there were a few unknown weeds growing along the side, reaching to the height of the average human.

A flash of surprise passed through Huang Yue Li’s eyes!

After the upgrade of the Sky Phoenix Ring, it was even capable of growing living things! Such a fortuitous discovery!

Not only are space armaments rare in the Soaring Heavens Continent, not even ninth level space armaments are capable of storing life. At most, they can only host spirits like the little phoenix. But actual living bodies and plants, could not enter.

Armaments able to accommodate living creatures, are top quality profound armaments!

Her luck really was good! She had picked up a real treasure!

Towards the right side of the garden, there was a small pond with water as clear as crystal. Looking into it, one could see colorful pebbles lining the bottom of the pond.

A small plump figure was asleep just by the side, whose chubby cheeks were tilted to the side and mouth had a trail of suspicious liquid drooling out.

Without waking him up, Huang Yue Li squatted to the side and scooped up some water. Then in big gulps, she drank it.

A cool and refreshing feeling instantly filled her body. While her dantian’s profound qi surged in abundance while all fatigue and sleepiness were washed away.

“This is the legendary Spirit Saint Spring?” As if she recalled something, Huang Yue Li exposed a faint smile, “This is a holy medicine for strengthening the physique and replenishing profound qi!

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So happy she was, she nearly cried out.

In her old days, of all the numerous treasures Huang Yue Li had discovered, none were more precious than this Spirit Saint Spring!

Because the most outstanding aspect of the Spirit Saint Spring was its ability to nourish the soul!

The soul is the origin and fundamental essence of life for all life.

Profound and spiritual power, can all be improved through practice, but the strength of the soul is determined from the time of one’s birth.

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Chapter 183