Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 181

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Full of confidence, Huang Yue Li believed that she would be able to pass without a doubt.

Her body was brimming with profound qi, while all of the surrounding fire elements conjugated around her. She could clearly sense, all the changes in her system and her control over the fire element had become more fined tuned, bending to her every will.

But it was at that moment, that blockage once again appeared. Failing due to a final push!

“What is going on? !”

Face flushed, Huang Yue Li nearly cursed out.

Clearly her journey and absorption of profound qi were all very smooth. Yet she was unable to breakthrough!

What joke was this? Didn’t the “Nine Phoenix Transformations” claim to be a god level cultivation technique? Furthermore, wasn’t she some Flame Spirit Physique? Doesn’t it sound majestic? So why did she meet with a bottleneck after cultivating for such a short duration? Isn’t this too unscientific!

Ending her cultivation, Huang Yue Li picked up the Nine Phoenix Transformation manual and flicked through it.

Under the previous writings, she discovered a new set of characters.

Hurriedly she skimmed the words and the stopped. Unable to believe her eyes, they widened at the discovery.

Then, she reread the passage again. This time with greater attention before finally swearing out: “Crap! Such a fraudful technique. Do you need to deceive me like this? Are techniques passed down from the God Realm all this abnormal?”

According to the books, reaching the peak of Qi Profound Realm, allowed her to advance her affinity with the fire element.

Once she was able to gather all of the fire elements around her, she would have successfully learnt the first transformation of the Nine Phoenix Transformations——Fire Spirit.

“Turns out, I have already practised the first transformation of the Nine Phoenix Transformations. I am quite fast!”

According to the book, it would take roughly a year for a ninth grade talent to succeed in this step. So comparatively speaking, Huang Yue Li was the abnormal one.

Realizing this point, she felt quite elated.

But as she read further, the contents of the next portion shattered her good spirits.

“Although the speed of cultivation for a Flame Spirit Physique cultivating the Nine Phoenix Transformations are quite astounding, they will experience a bottleneck each time they practise a new transformation. Apart from hard work and cultivation, one also needs…one also needs to gather the corresponding herbs and spirit stones to arouse one’s potential. Otherwise, they would be unable to breakthrough! !”

Huang Yue Li nearly blew her top, “So the assignment of herb gathering was not a one time thing. Everytime I breakthrough, I must gather higher ranked herbs! This is such a scam ah! Will there be an end to this? ?”

Furiously, Huang Yue Li threw the manual onto the table top.

The originally happiness that came from lightning fast advancement had now all be sweep away.

This is like someone who believed they had won the lotto, only to realise they could only take a portion of the money. They felt happiness at the start, only to be replaced by much more disappointment.

But, Huang Yue Li sat next to the bed for a while. Very quickly, she adjusted her state of mind.

The more heaven defying one’s talent was, the more resources they will need.

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After all, the Flame Spirit Physique is originally from the God Realm. To the abnormal requirements for resources is also quite normal.

This was reality that could not be changed, more matter how much she blamed and accused the heavens.

What’s more, she was already quite fortunate to be born with such a heaven opposing constitution. She did not possess any qualifications for dissatisfaction.

As for the future problems she will face, she could only slowly find the appropriate methods.

She was the most intelligent person in the Soaring Heavens Continent and the most black bellied female, Huang Yue Li. Was there anything that would stump her?

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Chapter 181