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As Huang Yue Li activated the technique, before she could process anything, profound qi began to frantically surge towards her dantian.

It took only an instant for her to absorb it into her body. Unceasingly, the large and powerful profound qi travelled and entered her twelve meridians.

Feeling only a slight buzzing sensation in her mind, Huang Yue Li sensed all her meridians had linked up. She had entered the Qi Profound Realm!

She was frightened by her own progress.

That speed was just too shocking!

Her previous self with her ninth grade talent, still took an entire night to successfully together all her meridians. That kind of result was already considered a very world shaking record!

For a common cultivator with third to fourth grade talent, they needed to spend a year’s worth of time to successfully enter the ranks of martial practitioners.

While the current her, used at most two breaths of time to reach the Qi Profound Realm.

Furthermore, before she could react and cry out in surprise, she felt the profound qi within her veins concentrate together again. Not only did it become denser, it began to increase in a frantic manner!

Soon after, she felt herself breakthrough the first level of the Qi Profound Realm!

Afterwards, the second level of the Qi Profound Realm! Third level! Fourth level!

The increasing of profound qi seemed to have no end. Madly, it entered her body and repeatedly broke through each successive level!

Sitting motionlessly on the soft mat, Huang Yue Li’s body began to release a faint light. And like a magnet, the heaven and earthly profound qi colassed towards her.

For other cultivators, they needed to use and think up all kinds of methods to enter a meditative state. Only by using all of their sparse profound qi, where they able to, with great difficulty, absorb the heaven and earthly profound qi into them.

And if they wished to advance to the next level, they must use increased periods of time to accumulate the necessary amounts. Repeatedly trying to advance. Some even needed the support of specific pills to aid them in climbing this wall.

But for Huang Yue Li, she practically used no effort. No, she merely chanted the cultivation technique at the very beginning. As for the rest of the work, she did not exert any effort for the profound qi to so frantically enter into her body.

Under such an aggressive profound qi assault, she passively advanced in levels!

In fact, even if she wished to stop, she could not stop this advancement at all!

Profound Qi Realm, seventh level!

Bai Ruo Qi had started her cultivation from the age of ten. Bitterly she cultivated for five years and with the aid of numerous pills was she then able to reach the Profound Qi Realm seventh level.

And at such a speed, it was enough to everyone to dub the title of genius on her. This allowed her to become the most influential and powerful aristocratic daughter of South Yue.

Yet, Huang Yue Li use only a few breaths to catch up to her current level.

Furthermore…….she did not stop there. There was just no end in sight!

Qi Profound Realm, eighth level!

Qi Profound Realm, ninth level!

In a blink of an eye, Huang Yue Li reached the peak of the Qi Profound Realm. She was only a single step away from entering the Defensive Profound Realm.

How many countless practitioners struggled to reach this peak, yet this was right infront of her eyes!

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But it was at this moment, did she sense of a feeling of obstruction.

She did not breakthrough into the Defensive Profound Realm like a knife cutting through butter. In fact, she stopped there.

Calming down after her wild absorption, Huang Yue Li’s eyebrows wrinkled. She did not expect such a momentum surge of profound qi was incapable of promoting her to the next realm.

But, this task was certainly not a simple task. Advancing to the next large stage required some time and effort. It is quite normal to suffer a obstruction.

Taking in a breath of air, Huang Yue Li started once again. Taking up the Nine Phoenix Transformations technique, she planned of assailing and leaping straight over to the second stage.

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Chapter 180