Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 178

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“Who are you accusing of crying! This Little Lord does not cry! Humph!”

Little Phoenix denied this in a flustered manner, but could not help himself to feel worry. Cautiously, he touched his plump-like-buns cheeks.

The result……he did not feel anything.

“Haha!” Seeing him fall for her trick, Huang Yue Li laughed out with no reservations.

“Ah ah ah….you played me!” Discovering he had been played a fool, the little phoenix became more crazy, “Female devil, why did you not burn to death! Where is the justice in the world!”

Laughingly, Huang Yue Li replied: “Oh, still small in age but already beginning to curse at others., your upbringing was really bad. Seems like this elder sister needs to educate you!”

“You…..what do you want to do?”

Small eyes staring at her, he subconsciously to cover his buttocks.

This unconscious action caused another round of laughter to erupt from Huang Yue Li. Although she had hit this little one’s butt only once, but it was enough to scare this one!

Though this cheeky lad usually portrayed a lofty attitude, in reality, he was quite timid ah…she can exploit this in the future.

When the little phoenix saw the trace of a devilish smile, a burst of cool sweat formed on his back. Instinctively he retreated a few steps and carefully asked: “Hey, female devil, the bath water is now cold, why do you not come out? ”

Throwing him an eye roll, she replied, “There is still a little effect left. I’ll soak in it for a bit longer and not waste the remaining essences.”

At a loss, the little phoenix thought for a while before abruptly jumping up from the corner. Without much fear, he laughed out loudly.

“Ha ha ha, I know why. Female devil, since you are not wearing clothes, you don’t dare come out! Hehehe, let this little lord tell you, in fact this little lord saw everything quite clearly. Your body is really lacking oh. This little lord couldn’t really differentiate which side was the front and which was the back. The sight practically polluted this little lord’s eyes!”

Assuming he held a leverage over Huang Yue Li, the little phoenix immediately felt elated.

In truth, he he did not see anything at all. During that time, not only was he too nervous, the color of the waters were so deep. Although he did not see anything, he could not give up an opportunity to ridicule at this female devil!

Usually, he was the victim to her constant scoldings and beatings, so when he saw her nervous expression, he must retaliate.

After all….the female devil was not wearing any clothes. So she certainly could not jump out to catch him!

Plump cheeks red from excitement, ,his small chin was raised as he looked at her with squinted eyes and a wide toothful grin. You could not describe his happiness.

But unexpectedly, Huang Yue Li smiled.

“Stinking brat, since you saw something you should not see, you can not blame me for the appropriate punishments! You are now forbidden to eat your beloved chicken drumsticks!”

As she said this, she recovered the little phoenix back into the Sky Phoenix Ring in one swift move.

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Little Phoenix did not expect this trick from her!

Finding himself locked up, the little boy began to anxiously and desperately jump and scream in the jade ring.

“Female devil, release me! Release me! This little lord is warning you, if you dare to treat such a distinguished phoenix like this, you will be cursed! …..hai, forget it. As long as you release, I will not scold you later, okay? ….boo hoo, you are so heartless, abusing even children. Not eating chicken legs for a few minutes, my waist has already slimmed…..”

At first, he tried a harsh tone, but found that Huang Yue Li did not budge. Thus he resorted to a softer tacit, but it also yielded poor results.

Almost laughing out from his actions, Huang Yue Li quickly disconnected her consciousness.

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Chapter 178