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Because she thought to this point, she could delay no longer.

Not caring about whether or not the sun had risen, she went to rouse the sleeping Cai Wei.

Under the sleepy and unfocused gaze of Cai Wei’s, Huang Yue Li informed her that she wished to enter a period of closed cultivation. She also said that no one was to disturb during this time.

Delivering her words, she immediately sealed herself in her room.

In the Nine Phoenix Transformations, there was a pill recipe written inside. The various herbs she had collected would form a sixth grade pill. Only then would the medicinal properties be fully put to use.

Unfortunately, Huang Yue Li was not a Pill Master. And it was impossible for her to seek out a high levelled Alchemist in South Yue. So she could only settle for the next best option.

Fortunately the little Phoenix informed her of an alternative method. As long as she placed these herbs into a basin of hot water and soak in it, it would allow for the medicinal properties to stimulate her Flame Spirit Physique. And the end result was not too different than consuming a pill.

So an immense tub was placed within her room. The various herbs were already arranged as the manual specified.

Quietly Huang Yue Li said: “Wang Cai, light the fire!”

Furiously the little phoenix sneakily ate half of the drumstick. Then from the windowsill, he inhaled a large breath. This action caused his fluffy body to swell up, looking more like a fluffy ball.

Afterwards, he used all his power to blow out a puff of True Phoenix Flame.

As the flames ignited below the tub, it furiously started to burn, lighting up brightly.

Immediately after that, Huang Yue Li crushed the Flame Cloud Pearl and scattered it into the water. This would act as a guide for the rest of the herbs.

This scattering caused the tub’s water to instantly turn a blood red in colour. When this was paired with the gradual boiling and bubbling of the water, the blood red water seemed a bit frightening.

Shedding off her clothes, Huang Yue Li jumped unhesitatingly into the waters.

Hot! So hot!

This was her first reaction.

Then, the searing hot sensation entered into her bloodstreams and to her five bodily organs. This intense pain racked her entire body as she lay there trembling.

But she clenched her teeth, refusing to make a sound as she endured the pain.

This bath was really hot. It did not help with all their herbs being fire attributed as well and the Phoenix True Flame. If any ordinary person were to sit in this medicinal bath, they body would become badly mutilated from burn instantly. It would take no more than a breath’s time.

But Huang Yue Li possessed the Flame Spirit Physique which enabled her to be immune to any injuries from fire related things. Although these raging flames would be deadly for ordinary people, they are the best type of tonic for her.

However, no matter how many injuries her Flame Spirit Physique was able to block for her, Huang Yue Li still needed to endure the pain and heat.

As the minutes steadily passed by, Huang Yue Li felt as if a hundred years had gone by when in fact only a mere time it took to brew a cup of tea lapsed by.

Even the little phoenix was scared by that boiling magma-like basin of water. Ignoring his most beloved drumstick, his eyes were firmly planted on Huang Yue Li. Watching her soak within the bath, he couldn’t help but turn into his human appearance.

Even though he would constantly flaunt and praise himself as a mighty phoenix, those waters still scared him.

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This female wouldn’t be burned to death right?

God, don’t ah! With great difficulty he had recognised a master, even though she tended to tease and play with him most of the time. But she still generously fed him drumsticks to eat everyday. If she were to drop dead here, then he must return to the Sky Phoenix Ring!

What would he do? How many years years would he have to go by without any drumsticks?!

Though the little phoenix was rolling around in frenzy, there was nothing he could do.

During the midst of his panic, soaking in the bath motionlessly Huang Yue Li let out a long sigh.

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Chapter 176