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It was unfortunate though. By the time Huang Yue Li realized this point, she had walked to the end of her life.

And for the matter of her soul combustion, she might have never been able to enter the circle of reincarnation; never to be reborn. To completely disappear from this world.

The fate between two people……before it could blossom into a flower, they suddenly reached the end.

In that instant, the intense feelings of regret, remorse, pity and helplessness nearly tore her apart. She could go as far to say, the immense pain that came from the explosion felt like nothing.

This despair continued to linger in the depths of her heart. Whenever she recalled the event, all sorts of aching heartstrings were pulled.

However, when she was wallowing in her despair, a sudden and unexpected thing happened.

She actually……was reborn into the body of Bai Ruo Li, becoming the Second Young Miss of Valiant Martial Manor in South Yue.

This event was just too strange. To blow up one’s dantian, there was only result; immediately dissipating into nothingness. For any practitioner, this was common knowledge. For the circumstances at the time, Huang Yue Li was a hundred percent certain of her death. She had never cultivated a secret manual, so she possessed no heaven-defying methods.

So, the scattering of her soul should have been set in stone. Just how was she reborn?

This question remained lingering and unsolved. There was a high possibility of an answer never existing.

Nonetheless, to be given the opportunity to be reborn, able to relive her life once more, caused her to feel endlessly grateful towards the heavens.

There are many unfinished things she needed to do and she needed to restart her cultivation to return to her peak. She also needed to seek judgement for the people who wronged her.

And if it was possible, she would like to return to that man’s side once more to tell him, she fell in love with in from a very long, long, long time ago…….

Creasing her eyebrows, Huang Yue Li lay on the bed thinking about the thousands of what ifs…..

She wondered what Mu Cheng Ying was doing now?

When she was reborn, the calendar showed it was already the 13764 year of the Soaring Heavens calendar. While the year she denoted her dantian was the year 13750.

In other words, fourteen years had past in the her period of muddleness.

She could imagine the grief and sadness Mu Cheng Ying experienced at the point of her death.

Towards this point, she held no doubt about that.

But, fourteen years have passed. Would the current him still miss her?

Afterall, the tea will cool once the person leaves. The period of fourteen years towards the thousand year long lifespan of an Emperor Profound Realm practitioner, is but a fleeting experience.

Adding onto the adored Mu Cheng Ying, the amount of females which surrounded where much too many. If he recovered from his scars and forgot about her, this….does not seem unlikely…

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When her thoughts travelled to this point, Huang Yue Li felt as if needles were stabbing her. She was in so much pain, that she nearly leapt up.

“No, it wouldn’t be. It can’t be!” Huang Yue Li gritted her teeth, “If he dared to go off like that, watch me cut that part of him into eight-ten pieces! If he wishes to commit crimes in the future, he will be unable to!”

Slapping her her cheeks, her wild imaginations finally knocked her out.

“Too despicable. Such a backwater place like South Yue, for an expert like Mu Cheng Ying who always like to adventure for secrets, it would be impossible to obtain any information about him. Unable to put on at ease!”

Huang Yue Li leapt up from the bed, “This can’t do. I must make all haste and quickly cultivate and return to my peak as soon as possible. I cannot allow for that sly fox to swoop and take advantage!”

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Chapter 175