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Running out of Clear Flower Palace, Huang Yue Li saw that the man did not chase after her.

Loosening a sigh of relief, she pushed down the rising sadness. Taking out the cloak, she covered up her face again.

Due to the man’s intervention, the Golden Scaled had all been recalled back. Hence peace returned to the Palace grounds, with only the occasional ordinary patrol guard walking by.

These would not be able to hinder Huang Yue Li.

Without meeting anything unexpected, she safety returned to her back courtyard.

By then, the first rays of sun were beginning to peek over the horizon. Lying restlessly on the bed facing the sunshine, Huang Yue Li could not fall asleep; even though she felt extremely fatigued.

Too many events had occurred on this one night. One after the other, each catching her off guard.

Since the day she began to become more familiar with the owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion, she had been quite curious about his appearance under that mask. But when she saw his true appearance, she did not expect such a large reaction of shock.

Huang Yue Li concluded that it was due to her fatigue, resulting in her unusual actions. Due to that, was she so astounded by that pair of eyes and connected them to Mu Cheng Ying.

Thinking over it again, apart from that pair of peach eyes, the Thousand Treasure Pavilion Owner and Mu Cheng Ying shared no other common features.

Of course, the two peoples powerful and domineering styles were exactly the same. But on the same note, youths who possessed such talent, it would be quite natural for them to be this arrogant?

Therefore, it was logical for her to make a mistake. Or could it be…….she missed that man too much?

Turning restlessly on the bed, Huang Yue Li’s heart was a mess. It was filled with a feelings of anxiety tinged with sourness.

In these past days, ever since her fall at the Northern Ice Region to her rebirth in South Yue, too many things had occurred. She had constantly been occupied by various affairs, unable to spare any time for unrealistic thoughts or indulgences.

No, it would be more appropriate to say that she purposely busied herself. Only then, was she able to not by hurt by her wounds.

Only then…..was she able to forget about the events of her past life.

Not thinking about them………that man.

In truth, before she prepared to travel to the Northern Ice Fields, Mu Cheng Ying had warned her that the Celestial Heavens Gate’s eldest young lady, Ling Qing Yu had been acting very suspiciously as of late. He reminded her to be careful and to not leave the Mythical Flame Palace.

But Huang Yue Li continued to be extremely trusting of her close friend, and felt he was too suspicious. As a result, she continued to move forward with her original plans, heading out for the Northern Ice Fields. She did not predict that her final resting place would be there.

In her past life, her goal was set on reaching the peak of the martial way, her heart like iron and stone. Even though countless outstanding geniuses had prostrated themselves at her feet, she did not give them a second thought. She did not hold any intention to become close with any particular person.

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While Mu Cheng Ying on the other hand, due to his abundant ego, did not think twice about Huang Yue Li’s numerous refusals. Allowing no explanation, occupying the position next to her. He used both the carrot and the stick to melt her icy heart, adamant for her to return his feelings.

For Huang Yue Li who had never experienced love, these emotional feelings were a frightening thing. With such powerful emotions, it caused her to feel enormous anxiety and perplexed instead.

Adding on the fact that many females surrounded him. So in order to catch her attention he created many misunderstandings. So whenever the two made some progress, these misunderstandings only served for the two to drift further apart. From beginning to end, they were unable to be together.

All the way until the final moments of her life, when she saw Mu Cheng Ying who was willingly to sacrifice his life for her, did she finally realize it. This man before her, never tried to cover up his feelings for her, it was she who was too cowardly.

She…had long fallen under his domineering yet tender traps, unable to crawl back out.

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Chapter 174