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Awaking from the illusions of her past life, she began to observe him. After a short while, she realised that the man in front of her, was in fact, not that alike to the man within her memories.

In terms of looks, the Thousand Treasure Pavilion Master was more delicate and refined, with skin smooth like jade and gentle brows. Mu Cheng Ying on the other hand, possessed a more pure type of male handsomeness. The gap was very large.

What was more important was the usually strong and overbearing Thousand Treasure Pavilion Owner, was only about twenty years of age; give or take. This was the age between a young boy and a young man.

Too young and too handsome!

It was no wonder he wanted to cover his face. He was mostly likely very worried about his age and looks. This would cause others to make light, unable to portray his strong expert aura?

But Mu Cheng Ying had already become a real man, becoming famous long ago. Overlording over the four great regions, invincible in this world. Although his peerlessly handsome look caused many to drool during his younger years, but in the period before Huang Yue Li died, there was no longer anyone who dared provoke him.

That face, no matter how good it looked, in the eyes of many people, it was only a nightmare that would appear during the middle of the night to scare you.

So the two people, in fact, really did not look alike at all.

It was just…that pair of eyes….are really much too similar.

Obviously yearning for affection, able to tempt any woman with those peach shape eyes. But unfortunately, they were filled with a biting chill. A slight glimpse would cause the viewer to experience the frostiness within.

However, those frosty eyes would instantly melt in the face of his beloved woman.

Such a look……..really too alike…….

Staring at that pair of eyes, Huang Yue Li gently sighed out after a while.

Did she mistake him due to that pair of eyes? In the end, they are two different people. Just what possessed her to confuse the two people?

Could it be, she missed Mu Cheng Ying that much?

When the Thousand Treasure Pavilion Owner saw her misty eyes and deep sigh, like she was reminiscing something, alarm bells began to ring in his heart.

Although he did not know what this little thing was looking at, thinking, he still felt a clear sense of crisis. Though she was looking in his direction, her gaze travelled through him to look at something far far away…….

“Little thing, why are you staring blankly for? If you continue to look at this Seat, this seat will kiss you?”

He slowly leaned over, closing the distance further until the two could feel the other part’s hot breath.

Suddenly, Huang Yue Li pushed him abruptly.

The man did not think she would resist, so that sudden push force him away.

Leaving his side, Huang Yue Li then stood up.

When she recalled Mu Cheng Ying and her past, she could not bear to be so close with other men.

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“You…..” The man’s face was a little gloomy, “Little thing, what do you mean? Once out of danger, you push this Seat aside when you have finished using me? Just now. It was you who took the initiative to kiss this Seat!”

It wasn’t just once or twice that this little fox had pushed him away.

However, the relationship between the two obviously had improved. Especially during the time when the Golden Scaled Guards had forced themselves into the room. In order to escape, this little thing took the initiative to push him down to kiss him.

Even if her original intention was not to be affectionate with him, but she still chose such an action. At the very least, she did not hate contact with him, her inner defenses somewhat lowered.

But now, when the obstacles had removed themselves, this little girl stared at him for half a day. Quite obviously, she was attracted to his face.

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Chapter 171