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“Spare us Your Highness, spare our lives Your Highness!”

“This one will definitely guard his mouth closely. Even if beaten to death, I will not say anything!”

As cold sweat trickled down his forehead, the Commander lamented on his bad fortune.

Only the heavens knew the reason behind His Highness’ concealment of his cultivation. Was he purposely going against the Emperor? Then they would not have any road of survival. That was the cost of breaking his secret….

After the extended period of time the Commander spent with the bureaucrats, his mind had become quite agile.

Hit by a sudden spark of inspiration, he suddenly spoke out: “Your Highness, since you have just returned to the country, there must be many things you still need people to complete for you. If you are willingly to spare this one’s life, then this one will be willing devote myself along with the entirety of my Golden Scaled Guards to you.”

“That’s right. This subordinate will willingly to serve His Highness.”

“This subordinate is willingly to swear my loyalty!”

The rest of the guards had recovered themselves. In order to save their lives, they pounded their chests, swearing their loyalty.

Indifferent to their proclamations, the man did not reply.

Waiting until they had all shut up from impatience, the man began to speak in a slow unhurried tone: “Spirit Profound Realm eighth level….your strength is only so-so. If it weren’t because this King is lacking in manpower, then you wouldn’t even be fit to be my slaves!”

For an expert who considered themselves quite highly, to be blatantly despised like so caused the Commander to feel quite aggrieved. But he did not dare show any sign of discontent.

“This one is greatly indebted to His Highness……..for your high regard. This lowly one will definitely…….spare no effort……”

“However, this King not necessarily trust you. Since you are determined to come under this King, then you must all receive a spirit imprint. Officially becoming servants of this King.”


Still in shock, the Commander could not reply in confidence.

Accepting the spirit imprint meant that their very souls would be under the control of another. A single order from them could not be resisted in the slightest. Otherwise, a single raise of the owner’s hand would be capable of extinguishing their lives!

The Commander of the Golden Scaled Guards held quite a bit of fame within South Yue. That year when the Crown Prince wished to become friends with him, he had delivered various gifts and treats; treating him like an esteemed guest.

But how was he to know that this Highness sitting in front of him, saw him no differently from a slave. He actually intended to use him like a puppet!

A face filled with unwilling, he hurriedly clasped his hands together.

The man’s voice coldly sounded, “Or you would prefer to die now?”

When given the choice between life and death, the Commander had no choice. He could only become a puppet for this powerfully terrifying man. Accepting him as his life master.

While for the man, to be able to accept that Commander as a servant was already showing him great grace.

As for the rest of the Golden Scaled Guards, they did not enter his eyes. Casually, he took out some pills and instructed them to swallow.

This scarlet pill was a Corpse Worm Pill. Once taken, one needed to taken the antidote at regular intervals. If they did not, the poison would flare up. Resulting blood dripping out from the seven orifices, dying painfully.

Completing all these tasks, he impatiently waved his hands.

“Throw those who spoke disrespectfully to the Imperial Concubine into the manure pit. The rest can leave!”

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With great difficulty, the Golden Scaled had waited for those words. Hearing those commands, they rushed out the door in succession.

Waiting until all unrelated personnel had left the room, the Lord Owner finally turned his gaze back onto the little fox.

The girl next to him had still maintained that dumbstruck expression. Her eyes constantly went up and down, looking at him strangely.

Raising his eyebrow, the Lord Owner felt this was quite unexpected.

Today, his family’s little thing was too unusual. Just then, he felt that something was fishy.

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Chapter 169