Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 168

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How could this be?

Since when did His Highness gain such formidable strength? Did he not possess a physique that could not cultivate and weak health? Was it not said that he would kick the bucket at any given time?

But how would they explain the events that had passed tonight?

Was he dreaming, or…….is he looking at a ghost?

It was quite evident that the man knew what he was thinking, so he coldly sneered.

“This King…..originally did not plan for others to learn of this King’s current prowess. But to events beyond his control, someone dared speak so audaciously towards this King’s little girl! Courting death!”

Listening to the dialogue between the two, the remaining Golden Scaled Guards could more or less guess the identity of this man. Hearing those words, they hastily began to beg for forgiveness.

“Please spare our lives Your Highness, spare our lives Your Highness! These slaves have eyes but failed to recognise the pearls!”

The sounds of heads hitting the ground soon rang within the room; it created a strange atmosphere.

As they kowtowed, the guards also whispered in their hearts.

God knew, the little girl within His Highness’ embrace still smelled of her mother’s milk. Not matter how you looked, she was not a beauty and she could easily be mistaken as a palace maid. Who would expect His Highness’ tastes were this peculiar?

“This King’s little girl……..This King wouldn’t even dare to touch a single hair on her normally. Yet you dared to joke around for her to go ‘play’ around with you? How will you play? Killing you, still would not be able to eliminate the negative feelings in this King’s heart!”

Listening to his words, the Golden Scaled Guards turned mute from fright.

If this man really was the rumored weak-bodied Highness, despite his personality being the same as the rumors, pleading for mercy would still be possible.

Afterall, even the Crown Prince wouldn’t dare to massacre the entirety of the Golden Scaled Guards.

However, they had all witnessed his cruelty and fierceness. So apart from reverence, they all felt a great sense of fear from this man!

In the face of such absolute domination, he did not need to put anyone in his eyes. If he wished to kill, who in South Yue could obstruct him?

Thinking to this point, a shiver ran through the Commander’s body!

The only reason why His highness the Crown Prince could sit firmly in his position of Crown Prince was not because he was the first-born Prince. The main reason lay in the fact that he was the number one talent of South Yue. Only with his strong cultivation was he able to sit stably above the rest of his brothers.

While this Highness who was sitting in front of them, had unknowingly become such a frightening existence!

When he thought about the rumors regarding His Highness…..

The Commander couldn’t help but become astounded.

The Crown Prince’s position…..will he able to maintain it?

The man turned a deaf ear to the pleading of the guards. Instead, he turned his attention to the little fox beside him.

What he discovered was her unrelenting and fixated gaze towards him. Her eyes could not conceal her shock. Blinking her eyes repeatedly, she received no small amount of damage.

The usually confident little fox, to be able to display such expression, deeply pleased him.

The corners of his mouth rising into a large smile, laughter blossomed and flow out from that handsome face. It was capable of melting all ice and snow.

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Within his frosty eyes, radiance lit up those peach eyes. All coldness was eliminated and replaced with great sexiness.

This kind of laugh, if witnessed by any young girl, would dye their cheeks bright red. They would be instantly bewitched by him, as they prostrated themselves infront of his long, black robes.

When Huang Yue Li saw his smile, more astonishment leaked out. And she became stiffer than ever before.

In such circumstances, it caused the man to feel so very comfortable from start to finish. In a great mood, the raging fire within his eyes had decreased by more than half.

Turning his head back around, he responded back to the prostrating Commander: “This King did not wish to reveal his strength. But was forced to by your actions, you say…should this King not silence you all?”

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Chapter 168