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This was far too unusual.

Although Clear Flower Palace was large, with the Defensive Profound Realm Cultivations of those guards, they would only need the time it takes to have a cup of tea to run a full lap.

If they were delayed, they could at least send someone to explain the situation, right?

Besides, if there were any incidents, sounds of shouting and fighting would be heard? As his brows furrowed deeper, he became more alert.

Could it be……something had happened in Clear Flower Palace?

At this point, apart from the Third Squadron, the remaining squadrons had all returned.

He waved his hand to command them to follow behind him and personally led them into Clear Flower Pavilion for investigation.

With hundreds of people rushing majestically into the Clear Flower Palace, someone quickly pointed out a finger and shouted out. They had only entered the first hall!

“Commander, that is…they are the ones who had just…….”

Lying on the corridor ground, the few Golden Scaled Guards who were sent out for patrol lay on the ground lifelessly.


Face sinking, they walked quickly to the front to see a door half open near the end of the corridor. Witnessing the situation inside the room, eyeballs nearly dropped out of their sockets.

They only saw the iron blooded and powerful Golden Scaled Guards kneeling side by side inside the room. They did not dare to rise, dead corpses lay in piles of blood around them.

“Who was it?! To actually dare to commit such a vile deed in the Palace?” In a fit of anger, the Commander kicked open the room and charged inside. When he entered, he saw his subordinates kneeling on the ground and became angrier. He kicked out once again.

“Get up, get up for me! What are you kneeling for? You are the Emperor’s Golden Scaled Guards! And these few, who wounded them? Where are they?”

Covered with cold sweat, the Squadron Captain did not dare to rise.

Shifting his line of sight, the Commander’s gaze landed on the male female pair reclining on the Imperial Consort’s bed.

Leaning lazily on the bed was a man dressed in a black robe and mask. The lines of his jaw here slightly raised, emphasising his ethereal and arrogant aura. Appearing to be above the masses.

As he supported his head in one hand, his other hand was wrapped around a petite girl intimately. Leaning in, he smelled her hair’s fragrance.

This scene really looked like a noble young master seeking pleasure in his own room.

Unfortunately, with the various overbearing and injured Golden Scaled Guards lying around, the Lord Owner’s attitude did not suit the scene.

One party was filled with murderous intent, while the other acted as they pleased without placing the other party in their eyes.

When the Commander saw the man’s bearing, he couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

But he was a master at the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, one of the top ten figure within South Yue. Furthermore, he was quite a powerful figure in the surrounding countries as well.

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Despite the man’s mysterious origins, the Commander did not feel the need to be afraid of him.

“Is it you who hurt my subordinates? Your hands are very vicious; not only have you broken their limbs, but also….insane and ridiculous!” He snapped out.

The Lord Owner responded coldly: “Daring to molest my woman, this punishment is far from enough!

Contrary to his expectations, this man did not become fearful from his impressive cultivation and fame. In fact, he returned with contemptuous eyes.

Chuckling sarcastically, “Hmph! What audacity! Not only have you trespassed into the Palace, you also wounded so many Golden Scaled Guards. Do not dream of leaving here today! Come and arrest him for me!”

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Chapter 165