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The moment the guard spoke out, Huang Yue pushed the man’s chest. This forced him to fall into the couch on the side.

Men did not think she would do such a move, so he was frozen for a moment.

“Little thing, your actions, do you wish to become pregnan-…oh?”

Sweet and soft lips planted themselves on his own lips, cutting off his unfinished words.

The man’s face showed a rare expression of astonishment; no matter what, he would have never expected he would go down such a peachy road!

Usually, just a touch of the hair would cause his little fox to avoid him in fear. But now not only had she pushed him down, her entire person had dropped into his arms; such a proactive action it was! As her sweet female scent lingered in at the tip of his nose, her soft body fit snugly into his arms.

The Lord Owner stretched out a strong and powerful arm and tightly hugged the little fox within his arms.

That slender waist of hers, seemed so thin that it would easily snap if he used too much strength.

Different from the usual brandish of claws, her cunning and arrogant look, the little fox in his arms; so small, so soft; even in front of his strength, there was not the slightest bit of resistance.

Such a large contrast to her usual actions caused the man’s heart to suddenly burn up with emotions.

Although the Huang Yue Li took the initiative, she only lightly placed her lips on his. After that, she did not move at all.

Completely missing the main point, the man felt quite distressed.

Strengthening his grip on Huang Yue Li’s arm, he changed from a passive position to the more active role as he began to nibble on Huang Yue Li’s lips. Taking advantage of her burst of pain, his tongue went straight inside and explored her mouth wantonly without restraint.

The hot kiss was strong, overbearing and arrogant.

Huang Yue Li uttered a ‘wu’ a cry, wishing to withdraw but could not!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

With some loud noises, the Golden Scaled Guard shouted a few times more at the door. Without waiting for an answer, he directly opened the door.

Although the door was constructed from solid wood, it was capable of withstanding the blow of the practitioners from the Defensive Profound Realm or higher. Very soon, it was kicked open.

“Who is hiding in the room? Hurry up and come out!”

“Search, search! Under orders of the king, those daring to harbor assassins will all be beheaded in public!”

The Golden Scaled Guards Strode in with large, arrogant steps.

“Eh? Guys hurry up and look at what this illicit couple is doing?”

“Wow, this is…. what palace are you from? Such great courage! Daring to conduct an affair within the Royal Palace? !”

In a moment of desperation, Huang Yue Li had directly kissed the Lord Owner. For that was the only method she was able to think of.

Because the Golden Scaled Guards had forbidden any palace maids and eunuchs to leave their rooms in order to facilitate with their search. It was already very suspicious being together with the Lord Owner. They would definitely be arrested on the spot.

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But with their current actions, they could pass off as a couple hiding in an uninhabited room for their little love affair.

Relationships between palace ladies and guards is a very common thing. Although it is a violation of palace rules, with its punishments, it would be better than being exposed.

And because the Golden Scaled Guards would be too busy catching the ‘little thief’, they would have no time to deal with them. At most they would be arrested and locked in the up in the Punishment Hall. And those places, simply could not hinder them. It would be a trifling task for them to escape.

Although it was the only idea Huang Yue Li could think at the moment, but it was very suitable.

The only depressing thing, the man had took the opportunity to eat her tofu again. Unceremoniously, she had been thoroughly kissed again.

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Chapter 161