Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 16

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“…..Fourth Sister, when you visited my courtyard yesterday, I happened to be asleep. Sadly, my maid Cai Wei lacked manners and didn’t properly serve you, so you generously taught my personal maid a lesson. Unfortunately in the process, you accidentally broke some antiques given to me from my father. That’s why you wrote this IOU….”

When the the crowd heard this, they started chattering once again.

“This Fourth Miss, isn’t she too arrogant? Taking the opportunity when her elder sister is asleep to steal her things. Not mentioning the fact that she was hitting her servant…..”

“Tsk, tsk. Arrogance and despotism, she sure doesn’t lack either of them! Whomever marries her in the future will be cursing their eight future lives!”

“This Third Miss is just too pitiful….”

Bai Ruo Yan was at her wits end. Due to her anger, she could not control herself and directly lash out with her whip as she shouted: “Venomous slandering! You, shut your mouth for me!”

Hopping lightly to the side, Huang Yue Li clutched her stomach and exclaimed: “Fourth Sister, this one really did not speak groundlessly. At the time, there were many people on the busy street who saw that you did not wear….”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

Stomping her foot furiously, Bai Ruo Yan released all the rage within her. She could no longer pay attention to her surroundings as she directly charged forward to attack.

“Bai Ruo Li, shut your mouth! If you dare say even one extra word, you will be looking for death!”

When everyone present saw this, who couldn’t understand the hidden meaning?

Bai Ruo Yan who didn’t allow Huang Yue Li to speak, clearly held a guilty heart.

“Are these the teachings of Valiant Martial Manor? Not returning her debts you can barely forgive, but to insult her cousin like that….”

“It truly makes one unable to watch any further!”

In an instant, everyone began to despise both Bai Ruo Yan and Valiant Martial Manor.

Bai Ruo Yan was red, it seemed as if her face was boiling. Yet she was unable to doing anything towards Huang Yue Li.

At that time, Huang Yue Li spoke up: “It’s okay. Fourth Sister, since you do not want me to speak, then I will not continue speaking. We are all one family, is there a need for you to use your whip?”

“Humph! Who is your family? Fortunately you still know how to be afraid. If you dare to speak nonsense again, then watch how I’ll deal with you!”

When Bai Ruo Yan saw Huang Yue Li biting her lower lip, she was fooled into thinking that she was afraid. This caused Bai Ruo Yang to smile smugly.

However, she didn’t possess enough face to remain lingering any longer. Leaving that harsh remark, she wanted to turn and leave.

“Fourth Sister, wait a moment…..”

Hastily, Huang Yue Li called out: “That IOU…..”

The sparkling white piece of paper once again fluttered in front of Bai Ruo Yan.

This time, Bai Ruo Yan did not dare to deny it further. In front of so many present, if Huang Yue Li were to say anything more…

Touching her pocket, she threw out a pouch filled with silver.

“Consider yourself fierce! Take it!”

Catching the pouch, Huang Yue Li poured out the contents. Under Bai Ruo Yan’s murderous gaze, she began to count them. Finishing, she threw out two words: “Not enough!”

Eyes practically popping out, Bai Ruo Yan asked: “What did you say?”

Blinking her eyes innocently, Huang Yue Li replied: “Fourth Sister, this IOU clearly states that you owe me one thousand two hundred silvers. Why did you only give me one hundred twenty silvers?”

“One thousand two hundred? Why don’t you just steal them??”

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“But, that’s what is stated on the IOU right? If you do not want to admit it, I can go find a witness…..”


Biting down on her lip, Bai Ruo Yan interrupted her. All the while, her hands were trembling non-stop.

One thousand two hundred, this definitely wasn’t a small number.

Even she, a stately young miss, only received fifty silvers from her monthly allowance.

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Chapter 16