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Huang Yue Li flared up on the spot!

“If you have the ability, don’t come and ask me to refine armaments for you in the future! After all, you look down on Armament Masters!”

“Hmm? Angry?”

“Through what eyes do you see my anger? I just don’t want to see you anymore, so scram!”

Touching his nose, Mu Cheng Ying felt somewhat bad.

He really liked Huang Yue Li’s adorable arrogance, so whenever he found the opportunity, he loved to provoke her. But if she really became angry and refused to acknowledge him, his heart would then feel sore. As a result, he could only go back and quickly admit his wrongs.

“Little fox, don’t be angry. I was wrong okay?”

“Hurry and scram! Who is your little fox?”

Every single time, the two would erupt into a quarrel and the end result was the same each time.

Mu Cheng Ying would suffer and face all sorts of dangerous and life threatening conditions, to retrieve the various materials; regardless of the criticisms he received. Bulging with items, he would then deliver them into Huang Yue Li’s hands, all to obtain her forgiveness…..

When Huang Yue Li recalled such events, a smiled formed on her lips while her heart turned heavy.

Nowadays, the two people were separated thousands of mountains and tens of thousands of seas. She wondered about Mu Cheng Ying’s fate……

But the man’s sudden sound interrupted her thoughts.

“Little thing, why are you spacing out again? Did you turn dumb?”

Regaining her awareness, she realised that she had turned dazed in front of Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s Owner. She couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward.

Flattening her lips, she passed over her actions: “Tsk, it’s you who became dumb! Not learning skills, you hold the best reasonings!”

Noticing that her current state was not right, the man became suspicious.

This little thing……seemed to hold secrets, secrets that he could not see through……

Sneering slightly, “Then please tell me, what are the uses of the Flame Cloud Pearl? Could it be you plan to you it to refine some uncommon armament? But this is a sixth ranked material, are you able to refine sixth levelled armaments?”

Huang Yue Li shook her head in response, “The reason why I needed this Flame Coud Pearl is not for refining purposes, but for myself.”

Completing her explanation, she turned head to inspect the outside area, “Okay then, since we have finished our conversation, it is time for me to leave. Tonight…..I will treat it as if I were bitten by a dog. But don’t dream to gaining any more liberties from me! Otherwise, I will definitely make you see unsightliness!”

“You say I am a dog?” Knotting his eyebrows in displeasure, he took a step forward with intentions to capture this arrogant little fox.

Retreating backwards, Huang Yue Li slipped through his control range.

However, just as her hands grazed the door handle, clamorous shouts echoed from outside the room.

“The Bright Flower Palace shall be searched by the Third Squadron of the Golden Scaled Guards. The Fourth Squadron will go to the Temple of Longevity, Fifth Squadron…..”

“The Imperial Tutor has conveyed his intentions, we must carefully inspect all rooms. That sky reaching courage thief must still be in the Royal Palace. No matter what, he must be captured! If we are to allow his escape, everyone in the Golden Scaled Guards from top to bottom must receive punishment. Understand?”

“Yes! Obey the General’s commands!”

“This subordinate receives the order!”

“Go and search!”

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Each of the respective squadron captains went to execute their commands, scattering swiftly in all directions to begin their search.

Although the Palace Huang Yue Li and the Owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion seemed cold and lifeless, it had already been surrounded.

As the Golden Scaled Guards footsteps neared, the sound of the door knocking echoed along with the shrieks and screams of various eunuchs and palace maids being awoken. Everything was transmitted over while also gradually increasing in volume.

Halting her steps, Huang Yue Li’s expression turned solemn.

It was all this damned man’s fault. His forced kiss delayed her, while the various palaces and temples had all been surrounded. It was not reasonable for her to directly charge out. She must find another way.

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Chapter 159