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Fixing his gaze on her for a while, he helplessly shook his head.

“So heartless you are little thing. If you are looking for Flame Cloud Pearl, why did you not tell this Seat?”

Huang Yue Li raised her eyebrows: “Why should I tell you? This is my own thing; no relation with you. I can handle it myself! Besides, if I do tell you, can you obtain the Flame Cloud Pearl for me?”

“Your so-called handle it yourself, is running around like a street mouse, chased so madly?” He asked in a tone filled with mockery.

“You……you saw that? From which moment did you start following me?!”

Huang Yue Li never thought that such an embarrassing affair would be witnessed by this annoying man. One could not convey how embarrassed she felt.

Looking at the man’s ghost of a smile, she felt her heart stop.

The man looked at her expression on her little face with satisfaction.

He took pleasure to see this black bellied, cunning, little fox become defeated like so.

Discovering this small fox’s eyes become more and more brutal, men had touched the nose and decided it was enough.

“In fact, the day you left Thousand Treasure Pavilion, when this seat asked the Manager Sun he mentioned that you wished to buy some herbs. He also said that you lacked the Flame Cloud Pearl. Knowing your character, this Seat predicted you would charge straight into the Royal Treasury to take the Flame Cloud Pearl. I have been secretly paying attention to your movements recently. After you left your back courtyard, this seat followed from behind to protect you……”

Even though he explained himself, Huang Yue Li just became more angry.

“So….so you’ve been tracking me for days?”

“Like this Seat has said, this is not tracking, but to protect you. Fortunately, you are more careful than predicted. Observing you for past several days, you made quite a bit of preparations. Although you are not lucky, little thing, you have quite a lot of tricks up your sleeve. Even the country’s fourth staged master, was played around in circles by you. Furthermore, you seem to know all of the hidden traps and mechanisms like the back of your hand…”

The Lord Owner’s eyes revealed his appreciation. The more he saw her, the more satisfied he became with this little fox.

Worthy of his praise. Every time they met, she would have new aspects of admiration. And more of her extraordinary talent was revealed!

Just like a pearl hidden in the dust. Unusually dazzling, simply not like a genius the small kingdom of South Yue could give birth to!

Listening to his eloquence, Huang Yue Li’s rising chest of the anger burned hotter and hotter.

She finally could not help herself: “Going on for half a day, you have just been watching me make a fool of myself! You clearly witnessed my embarrassing blunder, but refused to help? Watching on from the side?”

“This Seat saw you handled everything very well. Not even a single strand of hair was hurt. Is there a need for this Seat to intervene?”

The man faintly glanced at her, and continued: “Furthermore, did you not just say that your affairs have nothing to do with this Seat? Because this seat respects your opinion, he did not make a move. Instead, you should be thanking this Seat, no?”

Huang Yue Li eyes were wide open.

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He actually used her previous words against her!

Although she did not ask the man to help her steal the Flame Cloud Pearl, but he had already come. And he just watched her sorry struggles from the side?

Is this a bit too vile? He still dared to say he liked her?

“You intentionally did that!” Grinding her teeth, Huang Yue Li spat out.

He laughed like a ruffian: “So what if this Seat intentionally acted like so. What, do you intend to bite me?”

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Chapter 157