Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 153

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After the Imperial Tutor finally extinguished the flame on his beard, he discovered that the thief had disappeared without a trace. He had fled his field of vision.

“There he is! That damned thief has escaped! Chase!”

As he commanded the rest, the Imperial Tutor had begun to give chase.

Huang Yue Li dashed madly away with all her effort; as she was not given even the slightest bit of breathing time.

Although her footsteps had reached an insanely high speed; her fastest speed; she was not able to outrun the Imperial Tutor.

As an expert at the fourth stage, through just his profound qi, he would be able to instantly reach her. His movements was as if he was floating.

Without panicking in the face of death, Huang Yue Li’s hands blurred as another wave of daggers flew out to activate another set of traps.

From the roof, a metal net dropped and trapped the Imperial Tutor.

Taking the chance Huang Yue Li once again dashed away.

At the same time, the guards who were stationed at the entrance of the Royal Treasury had been alerted of the intruder. They had begun to outflank her.

Her hands moving ceaselessly, Huang Yue Li activated the the numerous and various traps during her mad dash.

“Ah! God!”

“What is this?”

“Watch out! Hurry and dodge!”

Hearing the tragic screams from behind her, Huang Yue Li lightly chuckled.

Originally, these traps were intended to defend against outside forces. But as a veteran of the trade, she effortlessly levered them to her advantage, duping all of the Imperial Guards in the the Royal Treasury along the way.

Dashing out of the treasury, she escaped into a nearby forest. Only then, did she stop and let out a breath.

“Hah……hah…..nearly tired me to death…..”

Gasping for breath, Huang Yue Li felt herself on the verge of fainting. To run so madly away without any profound qi, was not an easy feat to accomplish. It consumed too much energy.

Before she could catch her breath, she heard shouts from nearby.

“Little thief! Don’t think of escaping! Stand still for me! Quietly wait to be captured, or…if you are captured by this senior you would wish you were dead!”

As she turned her head to look back, Huang Yue Li nearly burst out in laughter.

The previously immortal-looking Imperial Tutor now had a burnt beard, black and red patches everywhere, tattered clothes and arrow in his arm. Obviously quite a few traps were set off on him.

Red faced, he had been angered to the max.

Huang Yue Li quickly urged her two legs and started to run again.

“Don’t run! This senior wants to grind your bones to ashes!”

The Imperial Tutor followed closely behind Huang Yue Li. It was quite obvious this thief’s cultivation was very low, so as long as he used a bit of effort he would be able to capture her. But every time he attempted to do this, she would become as slippery as a mud fish and slip through his fingers with various blackages!

In this journey, he had experienced and suffered numerous mechanisms. More than half of his treasured silvery, long had been destroyed!

Since he became the Imperial Tutor, he had never suffered such humiliation!

This thief had sky-high courage; daring to trespass into the Royal Treasury and playing with him like this!

“Don’t let this senior catch you, otherwise….” Clenching his teeth, the Imperial Tutor stated.

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Run! Run! Run!

In a blink of an eye, both of them had ran ten li.

At this point, Huang Yue Li had spent nearly all her energy, while the Imperial Tutor was still brimming with vigor. His breaths were long and drawn out; not the slightest bit of fatigue could be seen.

As the distance between the two gradually shortened, a sinister smiled began to slip onto the Imperial Tutor’s face.

“Still running? Let’s see where you can escape to!”

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Chapter 153