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Chapter 152 – This thief is too treacherous

Finishing, the Emperor walked away with a swish of his sleeves.

Surviving this ordeal, the General crawled up from the ground with a furious expression.

“This godforsaken thief! He could hide from the eyes of this General and sneak in here! Equivalent to moving against the Lord of this place! I must capture you and grind your bones to dust!”

Raising his head, he saw his guards shivering in fear from the side. This caused him to become further angered.

“What you still idling around for? All of you, go search for me! Seal all the gates and search the entire city household by household! We must capture that little thief!”

As she hid in the corner, Huang Yue Li held her breath and decreased her presence. Inwardly she prayed that General Tian would quickly bring his subordinates out to search. Afterwards, she would be able to flee in the chaos.

The sounds of their footsteps softened, as they left the fourth floor.

Before she could let out a sigh of relief, she heard someone speak.

“Wait. General Tian, please wait a moment!”

“Imperial Tutor, may I ask…”

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. This thieving person….he may be still hidden within the Royal Treasury. Yet to leave!”

When Huang Yue Li heard this analysis, a very bad premonition arose.

Imperial Tutor….is one of the two peak experts of South Yue. At the fourth stage, the Dan Profound Realm! She did not expect the Emperor to bring him over as well!

This caused the tables to be greatly in their favor. For her current concealment skill she was using, it would be ineffective towards those who were four stages above her in cultivation. Bluntly, her current tricks would be no longer useful in the face of this Dan Profound expert.

As long as the Imperial Tutor used a bit of consciousness, he would immediately be able to detect her presence.

“These bloodstains are still fresh. They have yet to completely dry up. Mostly likely, shortly after this thief made his move and before he could escape, we arrived. Thus, he should still be in the vicinity!”

As the Imperial spoke out his analysis, his body suddenly shook and turned towards Huang Yue Li’s direction.

“Little thief! I know you are there, so hurry up and reveal yourself!”

Knowing she would not be able to escape, she openly said: “Lord Imperial Tutor, you really are…..intelligent. Nothing can be hidden from your eyes….”

As she dragged out her words, a flurry of daggers flew out from her hands.

“Not good! This thief is too treacherous, everyone look out!” General Tian cried out.

The Imperial Tutor sneered, “These petty tricks are your last struggles on the deathbed? It seems that you will not shed your tears unless you meet your grave!”

Striding out, he intended to personally take action and capture this thief.

Unfortunately, those flying daggers were not aimed in his direction. Instead, they flew straight towards the great doors of the treasure room!

Embedded deeply into the walls and floor of the room, many mechanisms were instantly activated!


Fire spewed from several openings, turning the closest guards into balls of flame.

Even the Imperial Tutor’s beard was set afire!

“Save me! Save me!”

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“Where did the fire come from? Hurry and extinguish the fire!”

Before the fire was extinguished the floor in front of the treasure room collapsed on itself. Other guards fell into the hole.

“Ah! Save me ah!”

“Heavens! What is going on?”

The scene was in total chaos. While Huang Yue Li took the opportunity and went down the stairs; bolting to the exit.

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Chapter 152