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For Huang Yue Li, this was exactly what she wished for.

The more traps and arrays in a specific location, the less guards would be stationed on patrol. And these tricks would not be able to hinder her!

At the entrance to the fifth floor’s treasury room, a Spirit Profound Realm captain personally lead a squadron of guards around for patrol. Moreover, each guard was at the seventh level of the Defensive Profound Realm or higher!

With such cultivations, it would be difficult for Huang Yue Li to face against them; even if she was given the opportunity to a 1v1 battle.

But she did not panic. Hidden within a remote corner, she patiently waited.

In the instant the captain turned his body, she conveniently threw out a rock. Crisply, it clacked along the entranceway of the treasury room.

“Who? Who is over there?”

Hearing the sound, the captain hastily turned and led his group to the origin of the sound.

Before they could come close, an ear piercing sound of metal rang in their ears.

At the same time, traps planted along the side of the doors were set off. Rows and rows of arrows were shot out, flying straight towards them.

Due to the high quality of these traps, even a fourth staged expert at the Dan Profound Realm would find themselves hard pressed to escape from those incoming arrows.

As for those patrol guards, they were instantly shot to the ground. Their life or deaths unknown.

Hiding in the corner, Huang Yue Li was not injured in the slightest.

She waited until everyone had been shot down before revealing herself from the shadows.

“Booby traps are a double edged blade. Since it can harm others, it can also harm yourself. Arranging for oblivious guards to patrol the area, is that not directly sending them to their deathbeds? This Emperor of South Yue’s stupidity goes all the way back to his predecessors!”

Dexterously, Huang Yue Li avoided ten different traps and cautiously took down the lock.


A feeble call drifted from behind her.

Turning around, Huang Yue Li saw the captain clutching his stomach whilst pierced by countless arrows, but he had yet to kick the bucket. Instead he eyes were firmly locked onto to Huang Yue Li in great surprise.

Never in his wildest dreams did he dare believe that someone would so effortlessly bypass all the set traps and formations. Like they were talking a leisurely walk in the Royal Treasury.

Her eyes flashing, Huang Yue Li used her Piercing Sky Eye technique.

“You are in a dream. Once you awaken, you will not remember any of this.”

She smoothly said.

His gaze becoming fuzzy, the captain collapsed, unconsciously into a heap.

Within the treasury room, there were only five rooms. Within each of the five rooms was a single treasure.

Entering the first room, Huang Yue Li discovered only a small medicine bottle placed within the centre. It contained three red coloured pills.

Pouring it out, she took a sniff and revealed a smile.

“Fifth levelled lower grade Blood Rousing Pill. It can forcibly arouse one’s blood and qi to assist a fourth staged practitioner to breakthrough to the fifth stage. A good thing.”

Stowing the pills away, she entered the second room. The object inside this room left her a bit disappointed.

“It’s only a fifth levelled middle grade profound weapon; Firmament Fire Spiritual Blade!”

A fifth levelled middle grade profound armament could be considered a higher class object within South Sky Region. Even more so within South Yue; as it is considered to be a godly-class treasure. But for Huang Yue Li, this was not much.

As long as her cultivation reached a certain level, she could effortlessly refine countless products at the same level or higher.

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Entering the third room, her eyes finally lit up.

“Flame Cloud Pearl! I finally found you!”

With great ease and familiarity, she broke the restrictions and retrieved the Flame Cloud Pearl. Solemnly, she put it away.

Knowing she could soon begin to cultivate, Huang Yue Li couldn’t help herself but become boundlessly happy.

However, just as she was preparing to leave, a series of loud noises echoed from outside the treasure room.

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Chapter 150