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Folding her arms across her chest, Huang Yue Li leaned on the door post without saying a word.

Manager Sun also knitted his eyebrows together: “I am currently receiving an important customer. Whatever you need to discuss, we can discuss it later.”

As soon as he finished his words, a person’s footsteps were still heard. Impatiently, Manager Sun turned his head to ask: “What is the matter? Hurry up and…..”

When he saw the figure at the doorway, Manager Sun’s words stopped in his throat. On his face was complete shock.

“What is wrong? Manager Sun?” Seeing that his reaction was not right, Princess Zi Yue asked baffled.

Managers Sun did not reply to her question. Instead, he quickly stood up and went to welcome the guests.

“Master Huang! So……it was you who came! Such a rare visitor! Please come in, come in! Please sit here!” Turning his head, he called for a serving hand: “Come, someone come and pour tea for Master Huang! What are you dawdling around for? Faster, faster! Also, bring out the Dragon Heart Tea that we received yesterday!”

In a flustered manner, Manager Sun began to order around and usher the guest inside. One the tea arrived, he respectfully delivered it to Huang Yue Li.

“Master Huang, this Dragon Heart Tea is a speciality of our South Yue. Even within the large Soaring Heavens Continent, it has quite a reputation. Just fifty grams is able sell for a hundred silvers. Furthermore, this was freshly picked this year. So its taste would be even better. Please try it!”

Sitting at the side, Princess Zi Yue looked on with wide eyes. She was unable to conceal her astonishment.

As a stately Princess, Manager Sun had always been very courteous in his treatment towards her. But he had never treated her in such a fawning and humble manner.

What was this youth’s background? Why did Manager Sun treat him so respectfully? Was he another Kingdom’s Prince? But judging from his clothes, weren’t they too ordinary?

Huang Yue Li indifferently looked at Manager Sun but did not take the offered cup. Instead she said: “Manager Sun, the auction has already ended. I have come on behalf of the Master. As for my purpose, I am sure you are also clear. I ask your those idle persons to first wait a bit.”

“This….then I invite Master Huang to the private room to discuss this.”

“That’s fine.” Huang Yue Li nodded her head in response.

“You…..who are you calling an idle person that can wait?”

Being ignored so completely like so, and classified into the ranks of ‘an idle person who can wait around’ Princess Zi Yue became displeased.

Hurriedly Manager Sun apologised: “I am sorry to ask Princess Zi Yue to wait a moment. This one has business to handle first.”

At the moment, Manager Sun did not have the time to deal with the displeased Princess Zi Yue. His attention was all focused on Huang Yue Li as he ushered her into the private room.

For Princess Zi Yue, she could not fathom why a youth would be more important than her, a stately Princess. To be cast away to the side so easily by Manager Sun.

Extremely angered, she heavily slammed the teacup onto the table.

“Pa!” It sounded heavily. The suddenly sound and action startled the maid who had come to pour tea for her.

“Your Highness, Princess, please quell your anger………”

“Let me ask you,” Princess Zi Yue turned to ask that maid, “That Prince just then, do you recognize him?”

“This servant does not. But I did meet him before.” She bowed in response.

“Oh? Who is he?”

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“Your Royal Highness, Princess, that Prince is said to be an Armament Master. For those third levelled armaments sold in today’s auction, they were all refined by Prince Huang’s master. Last time he came in the place of his master to sell those armaments. Many people were present and witnessed this.”

Princess Zi Yue was surprised by this news, “What? He is the disciple of that great Armament Master?”

It was no wonder Manager Sun treated him with such great reverence!

She couldn’t help but inwardly rejoice. Rejoicing that she did not clash with that Prince Huang earlier.

The purpose of her trip to the auction was not only to purchase an armament. But she also wished to request that master to forge a personal armament for herself. If she were to offend his disciple here today, then that request would become many times harder to achieve.

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Chapter 145