Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 143

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When the Crown Prince heard this, he suddenly turned around and stared at Huang Yue Li’s little face. His eyes flashed with excitement.

“Third Young Miss Bai, you….did not expect……you would speak for this Prince…..”

The Crown Prince was really touched. Just a moment ago, he had made the preparations to pay that sum. So he did not expect for Huang Yue Li to come forward at such a crucial moment!

Compared to the silent Bai Ruo Qi, Huang Yue Li’s action seemed very righteousness! Did not think there would be such a woman in this world…..

All colour had drained from Bai Ruo Qi’s face.

She could not understand why the usually cowardly as a mouse, Bai Ruo Li, would become so bold lately. In the face of such a dominating master, not the slightest bit of slightest fear could be seen. It even attracted the Crown Prince’s eyes!

Many alarms began to ring within Bai Ruo Qi’s heart. But she did not have any methods of interception; she could only secretly curse Huang Yue Li in her heart. With her bold and provocative behavior, it would mostly likely anger Mo Si. Best case scenario, he would immediately kill her. Everything would be perfect!

Mo Si helplessly looked at Huang Yue Li from a distance. When he saw her fearless of death counterence, completely into her act, he could only play along with her act.

“So, according to Third Young Miss Bai’s point of view, what should Thousand Treasure Pavilion do? In order to make this just and fair?”

Huang Yue Li replied: “This…..His Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s debt, although it cannot decrease, but at the same time, he did successful bid that profound armor. This and that are two different things. So compensation will be compensation and auctioned items shall be auctioned items. As long as His Royal Highness can take out three million gold as payment, then that profound armor should rightfully be his!”

Raising her head in a righteous awe-inspiring manner, Huang Yue Li grandiosely spoke.

Mo Si always knew she was not a kind person. Could you not see that even his family’s master was firmly planted within her grasp?:

Thinking for a moment, Mo Si suddenly cried out in surprise. Hurriedly he said: “What Third Young Miss Bai said…… reasonable. Then we shall do it according to what you suggested!”

He turned to the Crown Prince, “Within ten days, deliver thirteen million gold to Thousand Treasure Pavilion. Then I will allow you to take this set of profound armor. But remember, do not think about playing tricks or delaying the time. Otherwise…the wrath of my family’s master, your entire nation South Yue will not be able to bear!”

Following his warning, Mo Si waved his sleeves.

From behind him, a few guards approached the Crown Prince; half-forcing him to go.

Although the Crown Prince owed a large amount of debt, but when he thought how he finally was able to obtain that profound armor, it eased his heart a bit. Making the loss seem a bit smaller.

Before leaving, he did not forget to gratefully nod at Huang Yue Li.

Following closely behind the Crown Prince Bai Ruo Qi also left. She also did not forget to hatefully glare at Huang Yue Li.

Huang Yue Li was the last one to exit through the door.

Following that, Mo Si commanded a few guard remain to assist Manager Sun in keeping order. While he personally followed not too far behind Huang Yue Li.

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Walking from the side, she could see the Crown Prince’s back figure from far away.

Before he and Bai Ruo Qi had left Thousand Treasure Pavilion, they had already begun to quarrel. Bai Ruo Qi stood paled faced at the side, while the Crown Prince angrily left in a flourish of his sleeves!

“Tsk tsk, it seems that the pair’s relationship is not all that good. A small misunderstanding like this was able to cause a falling out. Young people nowadays ah……..” Huang Yue Li commented while shaking her head.

Mo Si looked at her embarrassedly. Whispering: “Third Young Miss Bai……”

Huang Yue Li looked at him oddly and asked: “Mo Si, why do you follow me?”

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Chapter 143