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In regards to the issue between the Crown Prince and Thousand Treasure Pavilion, it was not a matter of who was right and who was wrong. But who was more powerful.

If the Crown Prince was the stronger party, no matter how unwillingly Thousand Treasure Pavilion would be, they could only admit defeat. Even if that meant having those treasures taken away.

But the current conclusion was Thousand Treasure Pavilion who held the upper hand. The Crown Prince could only suffer the loss.

Internally, the Crown Prince was very unresigned. But in the face of such an overwhelming power, he could only bow his head. There was no alternate path to take.

With the power of the Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s owner, annihilating South Yue would be as simple as raising a hand. It was barely acceptable for himself to be humiliated. But if he were to implicate the Royal Family as well, he would become a person condemned through the ages!

He could only pray for the magnanimity of Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s owner now. Praying that he would not be too excessive in his demands.

Emotionlessly, Mo Si said: “My Master has asked me to pass on a word. As the owner of Thousand Treasure Pavilion, this is the first time he has met someone daring enough to cause such a ruckus. Crown Prince, you are the first! So if things were to be resolved this easily, then we would no longer be able to conduct business in the future! On the face of South Yue’s Royal Family, as long as the Crown Prince is willingly to pay the reparations then major issues can become small ones.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The Crown Prince hastily nodded his head in agreement. Wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, the Crown Prince cautiously asked, “This should be. It should be. May I ask how much do I have to pay?”

“Ten million!”

The Crown Prince let out a loud gasp. He felt a large stone fall heavily in his heart.

Ten million…..although it was a large lion’s bite at him, it was still a sum within his boundaries….

If he were able to pass this affair with that much silvers, then it was still worthwhile…..

“….gold!” Mo Si indifferently opened his mouth to finish his previous statement.


The Crown Prince’s eyes bulged wide open.

Mo Si coldly said: “Ten million gold! In ten days time, deliver it to Thousand Treasure Pavilion without a single gold less. Otherwise don’t blame our family’s Master of being ruthless!”

“Ten……ten million…” The Crown Prince’s voice began to shake and waver.

“Distinguished sir, it is not that I am unwillingly. But…ten million gold….is it not…….not a bit too much? I truly cannot take out so much….”

Devoid of any emotions, Mo Si replied: “Your Highness Crown Prince, please do not misunderstand. Currently it is you who does not wish for this affair to become bigger. Whether or not you can take out that much, it not with the considerations of my Master. This concludes the conditions of my Master. Currently you have two choices, comply with my Master’s demands and quietly pay your debt. Or…..…you can suffer the wrath of my Master….…”

Startled, the Crown Prince shivered. He did not dare to say a single word further.

“Yes, yes, yes. I will definitely complete it.”

He wished he could cry, but the Crown Prince had no tears to cry.

In comparison to those worldly things, of course it was his own life that was more important than South Yue’s treasury. He was not someone who failed to accept favours bestowed them!

But where should he take this sum out from? He himself did not possess that much. If he wished to repay this debt, he must take out all the taxes saved within the Royal Treasury these years, in order to fill up that black hole!

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But how is he going to explain to his Royal Father? That he had unintentionally offended such a formidable and frightening existence!

If this news were to travel to the ears of his Royal Family, his own position of Crown Prince would be uncertain!

Mo Si continued in his cold tone: “Since you understand this, I ask the Crown Prince to leave!”

But the Crown Prince did not move. Hesitating for a long time, his gaze travelled to Mo Si and then to the thirteen chests behind him.

Within those chests, were the set pieces of his profound armor set.

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