Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 14

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Bai Ruo Yan was so overcome with anger that she continued whipping furiously, not noticing that none of the lashes had landed on Huang Yue Li. On the contrary, she had startled quite a number of Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s customers.

Swiftly, the security of Thousand Treasure Pavilion came to stop them.

“My two Misses, our Thousand Treasure Pavilion does not allow any fighting in here. If you are not here to buy things, then please leave!”

The shadow boss of Thousand Treasure Pavilion was rumoured to be from the Royal family. So he had placed regulations whom no one dared to violate.

Hearing the guards words, Bai Ruo Yan didn’t dare to continue further and obediently stowed her whip away.

“Slut, I’ll let you go this once! Just you wait!”

As she declared this, she turned to the shopkeeper she was speaking to earlier. Pointing in Huang Yue Li’s direction she said: “Shopkeeper Sun, with your Thousand Treasure Pavilion fame and high status, aren’t your customers all those with status? This girl is a penniless beggar who cannot afford anything in the store. Her sole purpose is to stir up trouble. Hurry and drive her away!”

Shopkeeper Sun recognized her, she truly was the Wu Wei Manor’s Fourth Young Miss.

Although Valiant Martial Manor cannot be compared to when Bai Liu Feng was here, but they could still be considered one of South Yue Kingdom’s influential powers. Naturally the young misses of the Bai family could not be offended.

Raising his head, he asked Huang Yue Li: “This Young Miss…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Huang Yue Li already displayed a pitiful expression and said in a low voice: “Fourth sister, how could you say such words like those…..”

An expression of astonishment was seen on Shopkeeper Sun’s face.

Fourth Sister?

Could it be that she was the rumored and sole daughter to Bai Liu Feng’s? That beyond good-for-nothing Third Young Miss, Bai Ruo Yan?

“You are actually the Bai Family’s Third Young Miss?”

“It was long said that the young misses of the Bai Family were not harmonious. Presently, Wu Wei Manor also did not treat their niece well, could it be that was all true?”

“Can it be false? Just now, didn’t you see that Fourth Young Miss directly pulled out her whip to attack her own cousin. She really lack manners. Tsk tsk, the tea truly turns cold when one leaves. That year, it was because of Bai Lie Feng that the Wu Wei Manor rose to such a height. Now when he is missing, even is his daughter is bullied like that…..”

“Isn’t this Bai Fourth Young Miss born of a concubine? Yet possesses such a domineering attitude! She is basically relying on someone else to bully people!”

“Isn’t it said that the Bai Family’s Second Young Miss wanted to marry the Crown Prince? Coming from such a family, how is she qualified to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Consort?”

Listening to the murmuring of the crowd, Bai Ruo Yan become more and more red.

‘Clearly that it was that slut who was the mastermind yesterday causing her to lose all her face. Even if she whipped her to death, it wouldn’t clear her grievances. So how did it change to relying on others to bully her?’

Yet she could not explain. Those feelings……

Cautiously she looked at her before weakly speaking again.

“Fourth Younger Sister, I know that you are angry over yesterday’s affairs. But I really do not know how it became like that. I can explain to you. Actually it was like this…..”

“You, shut your mouth!”

As soon as Bai Ruo Yan heard her mention yesterday’s affairs, she hurriedly interrupted her.

A face full of grief, Huang Yue Li bit her lip: “Then…..Fourth Sister, the money that you owe me……when do you plan on repaying me.”

Bai Ruo Yan gave a blank look: “What money?”

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“You forgot? Yesterday you wrote an IOU.”

Taking out a piece of paper, Huang Yue Li waved it around.

Bai Ruo Yang recognized that sheet. When she was delirious and muddled-headed, Huang Yue Li was tricked her into signing it!

With the passing of yesterday’s events, the fact that she did not kill Huang Yue Li was already her good fortune. She still dared to take that out and ask for money!

Bai Ruo Yan was extremely angry, and angrily stepped forward in an attempt to snatch the IOU away.

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Chapter 14